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NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is one of the developments that took quite a lot of people at the beginning of its emergence. And at the beginning of 2021 it became trending and many people began to know and plunge into it.

With its presence, NFT increasingly has its own community and market, which has quite a number of places where sales or events are held which are devoted to all forms of NFT.

However, in the last few months, crypto has declined significantly. Various things have made cryptos drop so drastically and one of the most contributing factors is the cessation of a number of bitcoin mines that have been running in China because of China's policy which has begun to strictly prohibit all types of cryptocurrencies in the country.

Since then crypto has experienced sluggishness and conditions that make some people especially those new to the crypto world panic. And apart from that, various things that exist or are involved in crypto have also experienced a slight decline. Then what about NFT, which recently made a scene with various sales of various types of digital art.

Of course, it is also the same as experiencing sluggishness too, but at least it is still and continues to run with the strength of the existing community. NFT is still moving and continues to move with the pace of the situation that is happening regardless of the problems that are happening. Maybe because of its shape which can be said in the sense of art. Where art cannot be judged and measured by all things in the form of material only. Because art is a pleasure, satisfaction, or a feeling. So that it cannot be expressed in words like a poem.

NFT may be questioned because of the existence of security and the level of existence regarding this digital art. But again, art is difficult to equate with everything. Even if it is digital or some other form. However, art is still art to be a result that is still appreciated by the conditions under which the art was created.

So there is no such thing as trend or quiet. Art is still art, art is satisfaction with the taste of taste and NFT is a form of container for all of that so that if its existence is questioned even in the current state of cryptocurrencies. NFT is NFT as art is art and works are works.

Of course there will still be many new works created in art and maybe will be displayed in the form of the NFT itself. Either in the form of sound, visuals, or a painting that will also be presented in the form of the next NFT. There will also be many new ideas about various designs and the imagination of other things that still breathe art. And the existence of the world with its digitization has become and created NFT as a place to express it.

Regarding fans and collectors, this may be a different portion in terms of coverage. Regarding pleasure for lovers and collectors, it is not a problem because the value of satisfaction is the main result achieved. So when viewed from this factor, it is clear that the position of NFT is of added value for other things that are difficult to digest by logic but can be accepted by reason.

The artists are of course also different from the presence of observers or connoisseurs. When it comes to art, artists who are completely immersed in the word art certainly don't care about various other things. They only create, create and achieve satisfaction with the results of their work. It doesn't matter what happens, whether it's going up or down, crowded or not. They will continue to work and work. And so they usually get the nickname artists.

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As far as i know NFT evolution not yet started bro but once it will happen people will invest on digital land rather than real land in our area . NFT going to open a new era!

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2 years ago

I am glad it still functions well and continue even with the roller coaster ride. I hope that it will be for the years to come.

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2 years ago