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It's raining heavily today, making the cold day even colder. It feels so good in this situation to eat something warm and then immediately go to sleep. However, unfortunately, the current me is still struggling with a computer in the workspace. All due to end-of-month conditions. So this is fate, what else can you do?

“Rin, are you still work? I'm going home first ok?” bye Dera, my workmate. I can only mumble and nod. "Oh, Rin. don't come home late at night. Today in this morning I read the news in the newspaper, there was a robbery at the intersection near our office. So it's better to be careful later, especially if you ride a motorbike." "Thanks, Der," I answered.

Finally, Dera goes back to her home. And now... I'm the only one left in this office. It's so lonely. It's a bit chilly that I'm alone in an office of this size. I also focus on my work so I can get home quickly. Luckily the rain had stopped so I could go home with my lovely motorbike.

The road I'm on is very quiet. It was 11 o'clock at night when I left the office earlier. Now in front of my eyes is a crossroads that Dera had been talking about. The road I'm on is indeed so dark and lonely, especially in conditions at night like this. So I immediately sped up my motorbike. But suddenly…

I saw a dazzling light from the opposite direction. It was so bright that it made me lose my concentration and fall. And then I saw a group of people surrounding me.

"Wow, we can prey on a girl ..." said the big body. "What shall we do?" Sneaking skinny. "What are you...? If you dare, I will call the police...!!" Suddenly they burst out laughing. "Police?!" Answer The Skinny "You are already in our hands, just give up and play with us..."

I got up and tried to run away. But they hugged me. It's difficult as I fight, because in my condition like this. Suddenly I felt a pain in my neck and everything went black.

When I woke up, I was in a dark room on the ground. From what I can see around me, it looks like this is a warehouse. The smell of wood paint is so strong. If I'm not mistaken it looks like I'm in a wood paint factory warehouse near my office. Because what I know is that not far from where I work, there is a wood paint factory that is still active today.

I got up and tried to find a way out. I'm looking for a window, a crack, or anything else that can get me out.

Ah, I finally found it. The window was very high. I have to climb first. But I didn't give up. As much as possible I minimize the sound I make, so it doesn't sound outside. Then I climb… and Hap! I jumped outside. All around me is a shady, neglected garden. I had to pass through this garden to get to the highway and beg for help.

However… BANG! There was a bullet that almost hit me, missed the tree around me. I think I've been found out. I also ran fast through the garden filled with big and shady trees. BANG… BANG… BANG… The sound continued to accompany my escape. Then I heard the sound of running footsteps behind me. Ah no, they chased me while shooting at me.


I heard gunfire continued. I've run out of energy. I was getting tired of running. I hid behind the bushes while fighting my panic and fear. I heard it. The sound of footsteps.

"Where is she going?". "She must be hiding around here." "That's good, It's getting more and more interesting." "Let's go find her!" Then they left. I had absolutely no idea how many people were looking for me and who they were. I forced myself out of my hiding place and started running again.

I'm almost on the main road. Yay! I did it! I will run again and ask passersby for help. When I got to the highway…


The gunshots hit me again. I ran down the road. Hope someone passes by or I can meet. Then I saw people walking in front of me. I ran quickly while calling him.

"Sir…! Please help me, sir…! I was kidnapped!” That man turned around, looked at me, and smirked. And in his hand, there was a very large gun…

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@Alther interesting so who is the man with the big gun .did he recused you or one of the kidnappers

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