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3 years ago

Yesterday was a really hard day, so I just wanted to share and say not all of it that I tried and had experienced a really complicated depression. And from all that no results, completely empty.

Trying to find but still failed and rejection in the end that I got. While the conditions behind me are waiting for good news that turns out none of the good news comes.

Yes, this is real but it is difficult to imagine, and indeed I have gone through until this article I made. Apparently there is still no good news coming. Advice and views just appeared around me.

Oh God, what is happening with my life's journey test now?

There has not been a bright spot, hope from my own efforts have not shown results that can help my problem.

Today's prayer again has a bright spot for everything and becomes a solution to the problems that are present for me to keep everything that is behind me and so hope on my shoulders to produce results that can make this life well lived.

Lord, I believe you gave this test based on my ability, but I hope that soon this will be quickly resolved with the intervention of Your power to help me to be given some bright light for my responsibility.

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It does feel good when prayer can solve problems, maybe I should try praying a little bit more.

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3 years ago

I hope praying helps you but I would be active and find solutions myself. See if steemteam.ai can do something for you.

You can submit this to the community Diaries https://read.cash/c/diaries-cc77

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3 years ago