Don't Worry be Patient - The most unique thing about crypto

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The most unique and reliable thing about crypto-asset transactions is that, as long as there is an internet network, investors can store their own crypto assets. Not only online (in the network), investors can also store crypto assets offline (outside the network) in a flash drive.

From something unique like this, by all means, it becomes quite difficult if a certain party can prevent an individual from owning crypto assets.

Seeing this one unique thing how much worried about crypto is on the news about efforts to ban crypto is not a major concern. Indeed, the problem is the problem of a decline in the exchange rate of course. But all that is only temporary, because of the turmoil of the news there will be a reaction.

For example, the mining ban in China yesterday affected the market quite strongly. As time goes by, waiting for the shift or shifting of mining to a country that legalizes crypto, the market slowly regains strength.

Similarly, this time the problem of China and the United States as well as other countries such as India and Iran which are hostile to crypto is not something to be afraid of. Because there are still many other countries that allow crypto trading to take place in that country.

Fear of falling prices and impacting the future of crypto is not a scary reference. Looking at one of the most unique factors crypto has in terms of network problems. As long as the internet network exists and grows, it means that crypto will also continue to run and grow as well.

One example that can be drawn from the network problem is the issue of China's ban on the use of all products from Google. However, because Google services also use the network, just look at Google's growth outside China until this day.

So "Don't Worry be patient" is the key to the view of the problems that arise from several instances of prohibition issues and tax issues in crypto because it will lead to the word "Don't Worry be happy" in the end. For those who want to see grow, learn, and be patient of course.

The main problem why crypto is being antagonized is because of the aspect of the absence of a centralized condition. Where the state and bank institutions are commonplace with centralized conditions. And even if it is cut due to price volatility. Its existence has actually been answered by the crypto community about the existence of a stable coin.

Then if you take the issue of news about one of the largest exchanges that have experienced many cases, they will issue a license. It also cannot be taken as a downfall or the impending collapse of crypto. Because there are still many other large exchanges that are still standing and even have permits and physical offices that can be used as strength for the word security.

Actually, if the news is reviewed as a word of anticipation of the problem of price corrections that occur in the wave of an event in the crypto world. And this cannot be a reference that crypto will die in a short time. Because there is even greater growth and more attractive.

In conclusion, groups and individuals who are anti-crypto will certainly always exist and try to make crypto something that should not be chosen in their presence. And news about the problem of loss or badness will certainly smoothly become their material to attack and have an influence on what is happening in the crypto world in particular.

But for crypto, there is always a final answer that as long as there is an internet network, it grows and develops. So during that time crypto will still exist, grow and continue to grow.

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The best line for crypto. Well said dear.

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2 years ago

One day, crypto will become recognized by the world, we just have to wait. The price may be low now but I believe in the future we will see some great returns

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2 years ago

Everyone just saying the same speeches over n over again.. Crypto price will rise. But what will happen if the price dropped below as usual rate? Just kidding😜 Actually there's nothing we can't do about, those words clearly mentioned in your extraordinary post.

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2 years ago


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2 years ago