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Throughout the history of human life, the only thing that has exploded so much that it can be said to shake economic conditions has changed a lot is the establishment of crypto as a new digital currency in the world of human finance.

There are many things in history, such as the presence of the internet, to today's technological advances. Moreover, going far back there will be many other discoveries that create new history in human life. But all of them don't stop as big as crypto with its systematic word bubble but it's still something that isn't easy to leave behind.

For every discovery, there is a process said failure. Where if it fails it means that it does not get a place in human life in the future. And if successful then get a place according to the portion.
The internet is indeed something that has opened many things since it was discovered and introduced to human life.

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Providing appropriate easy access steps in all lines. Swinging as one of the basic needs in the journey of every individual in the current era of modernization. It can be said that humans living in this century, especially those living in areas that can be said to have the advanced infrastructure, can no longer be separated from their daily lives with the internet.

To the extent that the internet influences human life, but to the extent of internet life, it can be said that crypto has an even greater influence than the internet. Even though crypto itself runs on the state of the internet itself, crypto gives even greater changes to the very existence of the internet itself.

The existence of the internet, which was originally only in the form of basic human needs, has become of greater benefit to human life since the introduction of crypto to the world. Where adopting a blockchain system that was introduced before crypto existed, blockchain because crypto is becoming more widely studied and provides great benefits in the journey of human life.

Why crypto can be big, indeed cannot be separated because of the condition of its existence as one of the main human needs in living life. It's the language of currency that makes crypto bigger than any other invention out there. Because it intersects with every individual who is born and aware of the main need to live life is the need for the existence of money as a medium of exchange.

So if there is a question do you like crypto? Literally the same as the language do you like money? Most answers must have answered yes I like crypto.

The ups and downs of prices and the problems that are created in negative terms are the spice of crypto travel. But the basic dream of humans in the existence of crypto is that every individual who exists, if dug out and answered honestly, will only get one thing in common.

"I want to have crypto in my finances as part of my current life portfolio."

It doesn't matter a lot or a little, because it comes from a condition of human lust. But the word desire consciously and unconsciously just wants to own and not be left behind by the presence of crypto at this time.


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