Currency (the swap tools), Money, Crypto and why Bitcoincash

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Basically, if you go back to the beginning of the use of swap tool or can we said it medium of exchange, it has been explained in various kinds of references from books, articles, and other forms concerning the origin of money being used. In terms of human needs regarding a tool is a form used for a medium of exchange and has value and can be accepted by society in general.
Then regarding this, various forms of exchange have emerged according to the circumstances of their respective eras. In other words, what is used more often may evolve.

The medium of exchange is used to meet human needs as a fulfillment of the needs and desires of humans themselves. Whether starting from the need for food, shelter, means of transportation, and so on. In line with that, evolution grows according to the evolution of the era that develops according to its era. From the beginning, the use of the exchange of goods for goods, then into the form of precious stones, gold, bronze, and until the creation of coins and paper that is of value and agreed upon is also accepted by the world community.

The journey is always based on the existence of adjustments to the conditions of the era, the state of economic conditions, and the state of progress that existed at that time. All are interconnected and continuous and also do not forget to follow some of the rules of religious regulations that basically humans realize and believe that the law above the law is contained in religious law. Because most humans believe in the existence of a Creator which means that there is life after death to pick up.

After the agreement was accepted, the medium of exchange moved according to the political conditions and conditions of each country since the constitution of the words independence and sovereignty were established. So that the legal form of the system of using the currency is adjusted to these conditions along with the agreement of the world community about the regulations that stand in the world economic system. All through various processes and research as well as historical, religious, and technological advancements.

Running from a system of technological advances based on the early stone, bronze, battery, then moving on to industrial progress, and the invention of electricity, and so on until finally computer technology was discovered and used. The medium of exchange develops and continues to develop according to the progress of the times. And in the end, we have now arrived at an era where the era is called the era of digitalization wherein the era we have used computerized technology, all of which have been handled by programming languages or what we usually call the era of robotization or the cool language of AI.

On the basis of all of that, of course, all aim is for benefits, usability, convenience, and adapting to the words of the era is speed. And don't forget to also think about safety, comfort, and reduce the risk of the word destruction or harm to the world because humans live in that circle.
Based on all that, the world community must also begin to develop their thinking patterns, from those who accept the situation, reject it, and also think critically. All back because in accordance with the pattern of the times he lived. From the increasing level of human intelligence, the word education and information obtained.

Walking together with the existence of humans created by God as intelligent beings, various kinds of advances arise in the form of a medium of exchange made by humans for humans as a need to meet the recognized standardization of the medium of exchange in the end. From various forms to various policies, finally, they are also created and stated which are commonly referred to as laws. Economists, politicians, technologists, scholars, and other experts all contributed to the creation of currency. And in our current era, Crypto is one of the models that is sticking out and being talked about as well as being research material in the economic world.

Its presence which departs from the emergence of the progress of the times, the satisfaction of the word justice, and the ease of being the basis of crypto is present in the purpose of its creation. Where the presence of crypto is also based on the word origin of the existence of a medium of exchange that can be recognized by the world community in the end. So that Bitcoin was created as the peak of the initial dominance of the cryptocurrency journey.
Where the aim will be speed, convenience, security, privacy, and cost. Everything, if learned and followed from the basics, develops and is created based on historical facts through thought that is sufficiently calculated for its existence, so that it can reach its current condition.

And if it is underlined in fact, everything has also been thought about in terms of the progress of the times and the need for the good of mankind. As proof it is an open source word used by the creator so that it can continue to be developed to cover all shortcomings and follow the progress of the times. Seeing the critical attitude of the world community, the creator of bitcoin thinks about the positives and negatives of the critical side of humans who think. So if we are aware of the various aspects of conflict problems and rejection as well as various crimes that are created, it is hoped that we can build together to overcome all these bad conditions. Recently, there has been a growing problem with mining issues in the crypto world, which has become the basis for the downturn and the value of the world community for crypto has been reduced. However, there are still many positive things that can actually be overcome, all of them actually arise from words because of the surrender of humans themselves.

Back after a lengthy brief description, which is expected to be understandable, if it cannot be understood, I apologize for the lack of knowledge from me. Now, crypto is finally split with various types of coins and tokens that are present. But positively we can accept all for the sake of the progress of the era on the basic thought of the creation of crypto created.

What needs to be clearly underlined is going to the word Bitcoincash, why Bitcoincash, what's wrong with Bitcoincash?

Following the original word, everything was created with the word medium of exchange that followed the times until finally the word cryptocurrency and then the creation of Bitcoin and then came the Altcoin and created forking which brought Bitcoincash I think there have been many explanations for the word why bitcoincash. For me, one bottom line that really needs to be paid attention to is the word limit, speed, convenience, security, speed, cost, and indeed in the end is the acceptance of the word accept as a form of exchange according to the times and needs. It's not that I don't acknowledge the existence of Bitcoin or other Altcoins that were also created. But I would rather emphasize the word adjustment that can be taken as a really good medium of exchange and continue to receive input on the word development in accordance with the prevailing and growing needs. That's all, So many crypto creator communities exist, it's okay, all for the sake of good progress, certainly not for personal gain. To return to the word for the progress of the world economy in the end in order to achieve equitable prosperity in general.

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It is awesome that the future crought us to this kind of exchange, I remeber one time ignoring the value of Bitcoin, but now, as you said in the article, the more it is used the higher value it gains, Bitcoin became so much used and is now have the highest value.

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2 years ago

Hopefully the adoption will be more understandable. And hopefully many will open their eyes for the word bitcoincash to be presented.

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2 years ago