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When the eyes are closed, there is only darkness in the eyes. And when it's dark, all kinds of shadows about everything that exists. Usually stuck on the subject of something that is being thought about. But not everyone is like that. There are those who try to achieve their dreams through wishful thinking and closing their eyes, and there are those who can indeed find peace by closing their eyes.

Closed eyes are common in humans when resting for a short sleep or through the late night to meet the next day. And it can also be closed for a moment with a wink because of the need for blinking eyes all the time.

Then closing the eyes outside the word to sleep or blinking in daily activities or human habits that are carried out in an awake state are usually carried out under certain conditions. Such as calming down, concentrating, imagining, or being in a state of a game.

The condition of closing the eyes to concentrate and the problem of calming down may be more likely to be done because human needs are so complex. Complex with a problem, solution, or self-regulation to achieve the word inner peace.

Meditation is usually done in conditions to reach the soul to fulfill the word inner peace. And usually, meditation is also done by closing the eyes. All basically for the word peace of one's soul in carrying out the process of life. I don't know in fact, is there a human who has never done something like this? Close your eyes for the achievement of calm about a thing that is lived or to be lived.

But I don't think so, everyone must have done it for a long time or just for a while. Because of the human tendency to worry or worry that every human being has. The point is to achieve something better than what was expected. Or it could also be said to be able to run smoothly everything that will be faced.

Indeed, human nature is diverse and full of mysteries. No one really knows the true nature of each person completely. Because basically everything is just a view of various kinds of events as well as research and habits. But the point is that only you know the truth.

The attitude of calming yourself down by doing things you usually do can be said to be an easy thing and it doesn't cost a fortune to do it. Anytime and anywhere can be done all in order to achieve the word peace and inner happiness. It can be done anywhere at any time as long as it is not done in the middle of the toll road. 😁

Hmm, a thing that is usually done but turns out to have benefits and uses as well. At first glance, only two words from closing your eyes. However, it turns out that his need will be just behavior that can produce a positive thing and many benefits.

Even if you only close your eyes, you will focus on calm, focus on logical thinking, focus on facing problems, focus on decision making, and so on. Not everything went smoothly but a small example when I wrote an article about this made me do it and try to reach the word focus for the word discussion that I wrote.

The results, whether you like it or not, are varied, but for me, there is one achievement of a word of completion from a simple subject to make an article that was made by me this time. Useless maybe, useless maybe, not purposeful maybe. But for me answered for everything I need at this time. Completed a topic of discussion for me.

Closing eyes. Asleep in the cradle of serenity as a taste in order to achieve a feeling of calm and happiness. Not imagining but focusing on something that will be done in the future. Feel comfortable once the achievement is felt.

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Sometimes, closing my eyes is an escape from the real world. It calms my chaotic mind resulted from stress and more. If you think that the world becomes shaky, close your eyes and take a deep breath. And open it with the courage to face the battle of life.

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2 years ago

Yes, you are absolutely right.

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