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Many people who follow the BitcoinCash community on every platform and social media will know the new Cashrain platform from BitcoinCash as the biggest easy entry crypto as payment and tipping method for all conditions in real life or virtual. Today, I will inform you about the first of the hottest community on the Cashrain website. Where this community has been running and provides many differences from other communities such as doing live streaming every day on a scheduled basis.

What is the hottest community on

BitcoinCash TV

BitcoinCashTV community is one of the hottest communities currently doing. As we all know Cashrain enables tech makers to run review campaigns for their new products with unique quests and missions with the name active Cashrain so that they can easily build a strong early user base and community exposure.

The Hottest Community

First of all, if you want to join this community, everyone who used to register should be a member of the community itself. The platform then divides into two parts:

1-) Hunters/User

2-) Maker/Community

These two parts were previously on the platform, but now you can use your account in two ways. The question that everyone has in mind is how can I earn money from Cashrain?

After registering, you will see the task table. Most of them can be called simple active cash flow tasks, Cashbox, and sudden Cashrain unexpectedly.

Active Cashrain
Active Cashrain

As an example, BitcoincashTV or someone in the picture below asks you to follow their Twitter, Twitch, Discord, Instagram, or Youtube channel. Follow all the social media channels and when the task is created more goes big changes if you join the community in the results you get later.

BitcoinCashTV Community

You will earn Paritons type if you perform the active cash rain tasks besides following. Of course, this money may be low or can be higher, but depending on the difficulty of the tasks you have to do, the amount of money you earn increases, and luck is named the Jackpot spot. Since the new update of the platform was launched today; I will also tell you about a review of BitcoinCashTV as a community itself.

BitcoinCashTV has become one of the hottest communities among the existing communities due to the existence of this community which regularly conducts live streaming every day on a scheduled basis. Apart from that, when live BitcoinCashTV often does active Cashrain in stages during live streaming. And don't forget to add the existence of CashBox as one of the parts offered from the Cashrain platform like a treasure hunt which will contain BitcoinCash obtained according to the amount and value determined by the owner or admin of the related community.

Don't forget for donations to make this community bigger

As another additional review from BitcoinCashTV as an existing community, in the future, there will be many things to do to increase the attractiveness as well as the diversity of broadcasts that will be carried out. Do not rule out the possibility of determining the events that will be carried out later, such as live music, lounges, game centers, and others. And in addition, I also got info on the last live stream he did, he also opened up the existence of input on steps that would have a positive impact on the world globally and for the adoption of BitcoinCash in particular, of course.

In conclusion, it is not impossible that BitcoinCashTV in the future may become one of the online broadcasting media and be up to date on various matters relating to progress in developments that happen in the BitcoinCash community in particular and the crypto community in general. In closing, don't forget for those of you who haven't joined, just visit the website and immediately join the BitcoinCashTV community as one of the hottest communities at right now.


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