Antidot - Not mean anti-Crypto

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Like an antivirus, or as we have often heard during the COVID-19 attack, everyone is vaccinated to get immunity against the Covid virus that hit. The same thing happened with the conditions in the world of cryptocurrencies. Does not liking the issue of one crypto product be considered anti-crypto? The reality is no.

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Making a shield might be exactly that, and if taken from Wikipedia's meaning of the meaning of Antidote it means that an Antidote is a substance that can resist poisoning reactions.

Can be described and clarified all the meanings of using the word Antidot if I use it in the crypto world. Which basically wants to protect itself from the poisons that attack the crypto condition itself. It's also possible to try to put up a small fight against people who poison other people's minds about the meaning and purpose of crypto being created.

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For me personally, crypto itself is the birth of resistance from the banking system and the monopoly of the financial system that exists in the world today. So it was created to create a new currency that is better and can be used as it should be used. So the presence of the thousands of cryptocurrencies that exist, of course, needs to be clarified for me which ones are cryptos themselves and which ones do not deserve to be called cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and BitcoinCash are part of the crypto world, which doesn't mean what's right and what's right (wrong). However, if we look at what is running and how the journey has been appropriate, it is no longer the one that is compatible with the cryptocurrency it was created. It is very clear how these two communities provide information to each other about the meaning of clarity of purpose and the meaning of cryptocurrencies. The most certain thing is that there are people who make the condition of one of the cryptocurrencies look so running out of line that they were actually created. So many poisons that are spread that violate the understanding and purpose of crypto are presented. Very misleading and so damaging to the conditions of the crypto world itself in the end.

So the presence of BitcoinCash can be said to be an antidote to the presence of a virus that spreads in the body of Bitcoin as the mother of cryptocurrency. Making a substance that can provide resistance to the poisoning reaction from the condition of the Bitcoin body which is increasingly contaminated by the existing poisoning. This resistance is not in the form of fighting as a whole so as to create anti-crypto, but rather providing information, explanation, and being an example for other cryptocurrencies to want to maintain the pure purpose of the cryptocurrency it was created.

Obscurity, indefinite, loose links, or terms of value are not good words for currency purposes. Not acknowledging, but showing and fighting for which goals are right and which are wrong. It is hoped that the financial system that is expected to win can be realized. So being an Antidote does not mean anti-crypto, but rather what cryptocurrencies deserve to be called cryptocurrencies and which ones don't deserve to be called cryptocurrencies.

The world needs freedom for the good and benefit of mankind, not freedom to increase the prevalence of evil or all games that harm others. So in closing, maybe I take the last paragraphs from my other articles in addition to clarifying the ultimate goal of all that ends in the word moral.

"This is not a matter of culture, customs, or freedom of human rights. But this is a problem for humans themselves basically. Those who have reason should think it would be better to use their minds to question what living beings are they really. "



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