3 Facts About Families Traveling 40 Countries with Bitcoin

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A Dutch family, Taihuttus travels the world using a campervan or van for camping. They are known to have traveled around 40 countries since 2017 and only have the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Imagesource: CNBC

During the trip, they were determined not to use cash or other services other than Bitcoin.

Here are 3 facts that the Taihuttus family around 40 countries only survives with Bitcoin transactions.

1. Exchange Assets to Bitcoin

During the four years of traveling the world, the family lived on Bitcoin. They have liquidated their assets, from their retirement accounts, cars, to their clothes and toys to Bitcoin in 2017. At that time the price of Bitcoin was worth US $ 900 per coin.

The head of the family, Didi Taihuttus, said they used the proceeds from the sale of the assets for transactions during the trip. For some transactions that cannot use Bitcoin, they install Bitcoin wallets on their mobile phones and exchange Bitcoin for cash.

"We waited until we found someone willing to accept Bitcoin," said the head of the family, Didi Taihuttu.

2. Creative in Transaction

Surviving only with Bitcoin forced the Dutch family to be creative so they could still make ends meet during the trip.

Some of their transactions through a combination of bartering, haggling, Bitcoin debit cards, and convincing vendors to accept cryptocurrency, the family has made it across most of Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

3. Find the Two Regions that Allow Bitcoin Transactions

On their way, they found two places that were completely using Bitcoin, namely the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana and a small Italian village called Rovereto. In Ljubljana, they pay for car repairs and cinema tickets in Bitcoin

Whereas in Rovereto to buy a motorbike, pay taxes, or cut hair using Bitcoin. For Didi, both small villages and capital cities of several countries are now using Bitcoin.

"In my opinion, any country, any city in the world, has adopted Bitcoin for payments, or peer-to-peer cash," explained Didi.

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A Dutch family must have a lot of cryptocurrencies if they traveled over 40 countries.Bitcoin is worldwide coin and in many reastaurants,hotels,stores they accept bitcoin already.Also in my country.

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