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And just like that, another Valentine’s Day has passed but my heart is still bursting with love.

Valentine’s Day was here and it’s gone. Wow! Time really does fly by, one minute you're anxiously awaiting a special day as this, making plans and preparations and buying presents to be given to loved ones, and then the next minute, that’s all gone, the day is gone.

We had a good Valentine’s Day I got to spend most of the day at home with my family. We don't like going out on such days as this and getting in the middle of the crowds, the drinking, and the craziness out there. We usually prefer the comfort of our home and the sweetness of mom’s meals. Mom spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing the meals for the day, and all I did was slaughter the chickens and my siblings prepared them and assisted mom in the kitchen. I engaged myself with writing an article during the waiting period.

The beginning. The day started with getting out of bed early in the morning to prepare for Sunday Mass (we are catholic). We spent about two hours at church and although, the mass readings had nothing to do with Valentine’s Day or love the priest in his sermon made reference to the feast of the day. He encouraged us all to spread the love to everyone around us, friends and foes. When we returned home after the mass, we went straight to preparing for the day.

The meal. After returning home from Sunday Mass, we had breakfast and everyone proceeded to his/her own charge of the day. I already caught the chickens the previous night and locked them up in a small cake for quick access when it’s time. I slaughtered them and gave them to my siblings for dressing. I didn’t know how the rest of the meal preparation proceeded. All I knew is that after a few hours I was called to join the family at the dining table. Rice, stew, chicken, salad, and wine were served. Mum already packaged someone which has already been distributed to our close neighbors… sharing is loving.

We had the meal to our fill, and we chatted and exchanges happy tales as usual. There was a lot to eat and lots of laughter and smiles on the faces of the members of my family. I couldn’t wait to surprise them with my present for the family.

The Present. In one of my previous articles, “Valentine’s Day Gift with Bitcoin Cash” I talked about presenting a new Television set as a gift to the entire family. After receiving payment for the gig I mentioned in the post, I added it to the money I have saving. In total (with my BCH earnings from I had enough money to buy the TV, a movie collection, and to subscribe to GOtv service. I paid in cash and BCH (Yes, he accepted my BCH). I took all the purchases discreetly to my room and hid them where no one will see them. And no one did. Immediately after the meal, I brought it out of my room and opened it before all. Wow! The excitement… My youngest sibling was just shouting and jumping all over the room. His euphoric display was understandable as it’s been months since we had a TV in the house, and now he doesn’t have to go elsewhere to watch his favorite cartoon (he had to go to the neighbors to watch TV and has probably been mocked by his peers)

A concerned neighbor walked towards the opened window and asked:

Weytin dey hapin, hope all is well?”

Mom: “Yes ooo… the children are just excited

That moment of excitement and happiness gave me a sense of worthiness and satisfaction I have not had in quite a while. Like I often say, their happiness is my priority. I’m happy when they are happy.

I fixed the TV on the wall and connected it to the other devices. We started with music, and we all danced for several minutes. Then we moved over to the movie collection and finally settled for GOTv channels. The family had hours of a movie marathon.

I had to leave them at a point after I got a call from a close friend to come to join them at a bar. I joined them after some minutes, we had some bottles of beer, played pool, and had some chitchats. I retired home to join my family when it was getting late.

Extending the Love. Love is not just shared among families; we can spread it out to others, close and far. Aside from the food mom send to our close neighbors. I used the money left after the purchase of the gifts for my family to buy loaves of bread and Titus™ Sardine (canned fish). While the family was busy preparing the meal, I took a few minutes to go out and I distributed the bread and Sardines to some “Almajiris” (young children that beg on the street), though not much and I couldn’t multiply them as Jesus did, they appreciated it all the same. Wished I could do more, but…

That’s how I spent Valentine’s Day of 2021. And while I write this article, I recall the happy moments from yesterday. I family could not be more happy. The blessing and love I got from my family is still bursting in my heart.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Now what?

Valentine's day is all about showing and spreading love. And I believe we showed love to our loved ones and also spread the love to others. Now the day is gone, what next? Does it indicate the end of love sharing? No. We don’t have to wait for another February 14 to show our family and friends that we love them.

Let’s keep spreading the love all year round. 

How did you spend Valentine’s Day? Did you spend the day with friends and family or did fly solo?

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I didn't do much for the day. Some friends visited and spent lots of hours together and I made a little donation to a patient at the hospital. That was it for me.

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Excellent Work

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