SafePal Offering: Earn TokoCrypto (TKO) and SafePal (SFP) Tokens

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SafePal is a cryptocurrency wallet dedicated to providing a secure and user-friendly platform where users can securely and easily store, trade and manage their crypto assets. It provides both software wallet and hardware wallets managed within the SafePal App. The project was launched in 2018 and supports 20 blockchains and above 10,000 tokens including NFTs. The SFP is SafePal’s  native utility token.

The SafePal Wallet Holder Offering: Tokocrypto and SFP

SafePal recently launched an innovative airdrop system, Wallet Holders Offering (WHO), designed to reward it's users by providing early access to airdrop tokens of the partners of the SafePal ecosystem. Tokocrypto is the first partner of this new initiative. Info about Tokocrytpo token and the whitepaper can be found here.

To qualify for the first WHO offering, users must have SFP token in their SafePal wallets.

Getting Ready For The Campaign

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of the SafePal App. Download from here

Step 2: Set up the SafePal App and create a Software wallet. After downloading the SafePal App, to start with the SafePal journey, users have to launch the app to create a software wallet.

Step 3: Commencing the TKO SafePal WHO offering campaign. In the SafePal App home screen, tap on the DApp tab, select the “Wallet Holder Offering-TKO” DApp, and start to participate!

The WHO Tokocrypto Airdrop Challenge

Task 1: Twitter - Follow And Retweet

Step 1: You are to follow Tokocrypto and Safepal on their Twitter handle.

Step 2: Retweeting the campaign post and quoting with your referral code.

Step 3: Copy your retweet link and return to the task on SafePal app to paste it in the provided field and click "Complete Task" to finalize and verify the task.

Step 4: Once verified you get to earn 0.2 Shares of the reward pool.

Note: The Twitter account must be older than 180 days and have more than 10 followers. For detailed instructions, read the tutorial here.

Task 2: Telegram - Join Telegram Community

Here the task is simple. You have to first communicate with a telegram not where you are to click \start and enter your verification code which you will find on the task page. You are also to join the tokens and campaign telegram groups and channel. After completing the task on Telegram, you will return to the task page on SafePal App to tap the "Claim now" button to finalize the task.

Task 3: Referral Program

The SafePal Referral Program offers you the opportunity to invite their friends and earn extra 10% commission on the rewards earned by these friends that registers with your referral code. For more detailed instructions, read the tutorial from here.

Task 4: Holding Challenges – Swap & Hold To Earn TKO+SFP

This task requires you to swap and hold a certain amount of SFP and BnB. A 2,000,000 TKO Token + $100,000 USD worth of SFP reward pool will be allocated to reward all participants who have completed the SFP and/or BNB holding challenges within the SafePal App. Visit the Wallet Holding Offering section of the SafePal App for more details.

Swap and Holding Challenge 1: Swap and Hold SFP for 7 Days

To take advantage of this section of the challenge, you are required to deal not less than 100 SFP through the Swap Feature on the SafePal app and hold it withing the wallet for a minimum of 7 days. The deadline for this campaign is on March 28, 3PM (JKT). So to take advantage of this offer, you have to complete swaao and start holding on or before March 1, 3pm (JKT time).

Swap and Holding Challenge 2: Swap and Hold BNB for 7 Days 

You are required to have not less than 20 SFP within your SafePal wallet. To complete this challenge, you need to swap not less than 1BNB through the Swap section of the app and hold the amount in the wallet for 7 days.

Note: Each device and BSC address can only participate once.

Once you have completed the task, you wait for your tasks to be verified and for when the airdrop will be distributed.

Good luck.

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I also join this program, I wish you success

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