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Lionsgate is a community created platform concerned with projects on every form of animals and animal protection, conservation and care.

Lionsgate is a community-owned and driven project to protect animals and animal care.

It is also a platform or community designed to allow the value of tokens held per user to increase based on a low flat model. The minimum required slippage of 1% gives Buyers and sellers a unique advantage compared to other tokens which eliminate a larger portion of investor’s purchase.

According to Investopedia, Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is executed.

Lionsgate initial coin offering is second to none.

Just like other platforms, an initial coin offering comes with an initial high price, but different for Lionsgate as tokens are traded at a relatively low price.

Uniqueness of Lionsgate

This platform is different from other platforms in a variety of ways.

1. Tokenomics

This is one of the unique features of Lionsgate. With this platform, understanding tokens and token availability becomes easier and simpler.

By tokenomics, we mean the understanding of the supply and demand characteristics of cryptocurrency.

Trading becomes appealing when a trader understands the wisdom behind cryptocurrency and buying and selling of tokens.

In the traditional economy, economists monitor the issuance of a currency using official money supply data.

The numbers they report are generally called M1, M2 and — depending upon the country — M3 or M4 as well. These numbers help to enable transparency and monitoring of different aspects of the supply of a currency.

These numbers are important because, throughout history, kings, queens and governments have had a habit of creating additional money in their country. It turns out that running a country or fighting a war can be very expensive, and it was not always easy to raise revenues or balance a budget, which meant that it was often politically expedient to simply create more currency.

In the modern world, things like bank bailouts and pandemic responses have required governments around the world to create substantial amounts of new currency very quickly.

‍Lionsgate serves this relevance as they make provision of tokens at a very affordable rate.

While governments oversee this process, creating additional currency can cause a slow, or sometimes fast, reduction in the value of the existing money. We call this reduction “inflation” and it is most visible when the prices of the things we buy increase year after year.

In contrast to this process, cryptocurrencies and tokens built on blockchain have pre-set, algorithmically created, issuance schedules. This means that we can predict with quite some accuracy how many coins will have been created by a certain date in time.

This is a crucial factor in Lionsgate, as tokens created are so transparent that traders can understand.

2. It is 101% Decentralized

Lionsgate is a completely decentralized platform as there is no team allocation at launch.

Lionsgate is a community-driven platform.

Contract creators or Developers must buy from ICO same as community buys.

This token comes from blockchain technology which makes it highly decentralized and not under any form of government influence.

3. Deflationary Rate

This is actually a strategy that helps to reduce the rate of cryptocurrencies in circulation.

99% of the supply of their tokens are being sent to the burn address. As this address also participates in the protocol, it accumulates more tokens, thereby effectively removing them from circulation.

A burn address is an address to which you can send assets, but from where they can never be recovered because there is no private key corresponding to that address. So it literally "burns'' the assets. Burning assets is a way of reducing circulation thereby increasing their value.

The usage of a burn address is what makes it easier for Lionsgate to minimize the rate of currency circulation, and thereby increasing its value in the market.

This action is necessary for any platform that wants to maximize profit from trading their tokens as too much circulation of currencies triggers a reduction in value and consequently price of it and other products.

4. Highly secured platform

Lionsgate is a very strong, safe and reliable platform that supports token burn, and the complete lock of any cryptocurrency.

Their Rugproof platform is absolutely reliable as it offers an ecosystem that locks token allocations during the pre-sale stage of cryptocurrencies based projects, thus guaranteeing a rug-free environment.

To be a pivot or support to the community-based project visit

I have been following the project for a while now and you found it very innovative and viable, that’s the reason I invested.

I want to believe Lionsgate is a great project and they’re currently in the ICO stage. And it’s worth investing in.

This is not financial advice. DYOR.

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