In 21 century social media occupies a huge place in a man’s life. People are almost every time on board to get in touch with one another via social media. Technology has shrunk the world into a global village. People have an advanced form of mass communication in the form of smartphones in their pockets every time. So we can use technology in the form of social media in English language classrooms to draw the drills for the students.  Social media can be used as a plate form for the publication purposes  With the help of social media students can share information and their experiences with each other and also with their teachers.  Social media also helpful in facilitating the students with audio-visual aids in the class rooms.  Social media can be used to improve the writing skills of the students by asking them to write different posts, blogs by their instructors.  The plate form of Facebook can be used to improve the vocabulary of the students by creating pages and feeding them with words and idioms or proverbs.

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