The Lost Call

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3 years ago

Each morning, I lay wake hoping for your call.

Longing to hear that sweet voice that's magical.

Telling me of your everlasting love for me.

Speaking those words that bring pure rhapsody.

Each afternoon, I sit and wait and wait and wait.

Minute and minute passes until it's getting way too late.

Yearning I imagine your fragrances presence.

I day dream of your beautiful, magical essence .

Each evening, to the phone I make my wish.

To again hear your voice in a gentle kiss.

Only to find myself taking to empty night air.

Because again, you're just not any longer there.

Each night as I lay my head down to sadly rest.

I shed tears upon my pillow until sleeps arrest.

Within the hopes and dreams that I finally hear.

That lost call from you that never, ever appeared.

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Nice poetry lines speaking of love which never appears

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3 years ago

Thanks so much

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3 years ago