Who Established The first "Jummah" (Friday)?

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There are a few informative Islamic questions and answers which may increase your knowledge, are given below:-

Question: Who established the first Jummah (Friday)?

Answer: It was established by Hazrat Asad bin Jarrah.

Question: What will be the first decision between the people on the Day of Judgment?

Answer: Blood will be judged.

Question: Which blessing of the world will be taken first?

Answer: Honey.

Question: Who became the first Mufti in Islam?

Answer: Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A).

Question: Who introduced the first twenty rakaats of Taraweeh in a congregation?

Answer: Hazrat Umar Farooq Azam (R.A).

Question: Who first drew his sword in the way of God in Islam?

Answer: - Hazrat Zubair bin Awam.

Question: Who recited the Qur'an aloud in the land of Makkah?

Answer: Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood.

Question: Who became the first poet in Islam?

Answer: Hazrat Hassan bin Thabit.

Question: -. Who was the first martyr in Islam?

Answer: Ammar bin Yasir's mother Samia.

Question: Do you know who planted wheat first?

Answer: Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him).

Question: Who was the first to shave his head?

Answer: - Adam (peace be upon him) shaved, and the one who shaved was Gabriel Amin.

Question: Who was the first to write with a pen?

Answer: - Hazrat Idris (as).

Question: Who made the first leather shoe?

Answer: - Noah (peace be upon him).

Question: Who performed the first circumcision?

Answer: Abraham (peace be upon him).

Question: Which prophet was the first to visit Arabia in modern times?

Answer: Hazrat Hood (peace be upon him).

Question: Who was the first to fast Ashura?

Answer: - Noah (peace be upon him).

Question: Who first fought in the way of God?

Answer: Abraham (peace be upon him).

Question: Who invented the first soap?

Answer: - Hazrat Sulaiman (as).

Question: Who prepared the first paper?

Answer: - Hazrat Yusuf (as).

Question: Who will be the first to intercede on the Day of Judgment?

Answer: - Our last Prophet (PBUH).

Question: Which prophet's ummah will enter Paradise first?

Answer: The ummah of my master, the last Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Must, remember me in your prayer.

7 rewards of prayer

1 Increase in food/earning

2 Healthy health

3 Good children

4 Happiness at home

5 Honor in the world

6 Jam Kausar in the Day of Judgment

7 Paradise in the Hereafter

Don't keep it to yourself. By sharing

Tell others too.

The woman is a rare gift from God.

The 2 rakaats prayers of a pregnant woman are more than the 70 rakaats prayers of a normal woman.

when the husband enters the home with a lot of worries and the wife comfort him, she attains the recompense of jihad.

A woman who cannot sleep because of the crying of her child gets the reward of freeing 70 slaves.

Husband and wife look at each other with love, then Allah looks at them with love.

A woman who sends her husband in the way of Allah will go to heaven 500 years before her husband.

A woman who recites Bismillah while kneading flour is blessed with sustenance.

Whoever sees a non-male, Allah sends a curse on him.

When a woman presses her feet without telling her husband, she gets the reward of giving 70 tolas of gold in charity.

The eight gates of heaven are opened for a chaste woman who observes fasting and prayers and who serves her husband.

The reward of 75 years of prayer for a woman giving birth to a child and the reward of 1 Hajj for each pain.

There are five very important deeds which we must do quickly without any delay are given below:-

(1) In feeding the guest

(2) In burying the dead

(3) In arranging the marriage of adult girls

(4) In repaying the loan

(5) Repenting of sins

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