A Visit To The Forts Of Cholistan Desert

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There are hundreds of forts in Pakistan but the number of forts in Cholistan is 29 and besides that, the number of palaces and old buildings is even more and it is said that the graves of Sahaba Karam Waliullah are also blessed. One thousand one hundred and ninety-nine miles. The three districts of Cholistan Bahawalpur, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, and Rahim Yar Khan lead to the forts towards the desert.

1. Qila Phalra Qaimpur
2. Qila Marwat
3. Qila Jamgarh Marwat
4. Mojgarh Fort Marwat
5. Fort Mubarakpur Chishtian
6. Fatehgarh Fort, Amroka Bahawalnagar
7. Fort Mirgarh Marwat
8. Fort Khairgarh
9. Fort Bahawalgarh
10. Fort Sardargarh Walhar
11. Fort Machhli
12. Fort Qaimpur
13. Muridwala Fort
14. Derawar Fort

15. Chanda Khanda Fort
16. Khangarh Fort
17. Ruknpur Fort
18. Liara Sadiqabad Fort
19. Kandiara Sadiqabad Fort
20. Qila Sivarahi Sadiqabad
21. Qila Sahibgarh Rahim Yar Khan
22. Qila Wanjhrot
23. Qila Dhuwin
24. Qila Dingarh
25. Qila Och
26. Qila Tajgarh Rahim Yar Khan
27. Qila Islamgarh Rahim. Yar Khan
28. Qila Moombarak Rahim Yar Khan
29- Qila Tibba Jijal is located in Bahawalnagar

Apart from this, there are many other historical buildings, palaces and many of them have disappeared from the world.

Islamgarh Fort This fort was formerly known as Bhanwar Fort. This fort was built by Rawal Bhim Singh in 1665. As it is written in Babri on its gate. This fort is located in Khanpur Tehsil in the Cholistan, 46 km from Baal Fort, and about 91 km from Rahim Yar Khan. This fort is located very close to the border of India. On the side is the Indian city of Kishangarh. Dravida Fort is about 170 km from this fort.

Mirgarh Fort
This fort is at a distance of about 15 km from Fort Abbas. The high walls of this fort are made of mud. This fort is in a very dilapidated condition. And the Department of Archeology is in the spotlight. If this precious heritage is not protected, it will soon be erased from the face of the earth.

Jamgarh Fort
Jamgarh Fort is 9 km away from Mirgarh Fort. This fort is made of unique bricks. It is largely intact. It was built by Jam Khan Marofani in 1788. It is square in shape. And spreads out on all sides measuring 114 feet. Its walls are 28 feet high and have round beautiful towers at the four corners. To the east of the fort is a 9-foot arched dome-shaped gate.

Mojgarh Fort
Mojgarh Fort is one of a series of forts built during the Abbasi rule. This fort is also on the verge of its destruction. And it is attracting the attention of government agencies. To reach this fort, we have to cover a distance of 70 km on Yazman-Fort Abbas Road from Thandi Khoi in Bahawalpur city. This fort made of mud and bricks was built by Maroof Khan Kahrani in 1743. This fort is very close to the border of India and Pakistan and most of the Rangers visit here. Rangers want to make this fort safe but it requires a lot of money.

Khangarh Fort
This fort was built by Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan 11 in 1783. It has terraces in each corner and an entrance on the east side. The fort is spread up to 128 feet on each side. Its walls are made of mud bricks which have fallen considerably. The fort is 70 km from Darawar Fort.

Khairgarh Fort
This fort was built in 1775. It is round in shape and extends 170 feet inwards on all four sides. It is surrounded by eight side towers. The fort is about 64 km from Darawarfort.

Nawankot Fort
Nawankot Fort is still largely in its original condition. It is 45 km from Dravidian Fort. It is also made of mud bricks. Its total area is up to 156 feet inside the towers. The entrance is 10 feet wide with an adjoining guard room.

Bijnut Vanjhrot Fort
Bijnut Vanjhrot Fort This fort was a magnificent fort. This fort was built by Raja Wanjha or Baja Bhatia in 757 AD. The fort is now in ruins but still, it describes its magnificent condition. This fort is at a distance of 45 km from Nawankot fort. Limestone was used to make it.

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Wow what a desert, great article.

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2 years ago

History At any place, there is an identity where old people used to live there. Traces of mythological times in new age. It's happy to see the old places at this new time and the people are living their lives in the old style with old technology and old thinking and in this way we get a lot of motivation to see them doing hard jobs with help of their own hands without using advanced tools.

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2 years ago

Nice article dear

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2 years ago

A few years ago, I have also visited Derawar fort in Cholistan with family and friends this is a really amazing place to visit, at Derawar fort there are many chambers where the Nawab used to meet his several wives. The night view over there was also full of entertainment just because of the scary feelings🙄 and bonfire with a barbeque😍 party. This article reminds me of those beautiful moments I passed over there. Thank you for sharing an article that is also full of geographical knowledge.👍🏻

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2 years ago