How You Can Improve Your Focus

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I am sure you have heard many people saying that if you have will power then any goal can be achieved. No, this is not true because will power is actually a trap. Will power is just a quota like our mobile battery that is given to us in the morning in the form of charging. If you have charged your mobile 100 percent in the morning then with the passage of time its battery goes down. In the same way, a quota of will power is given to us in the morning and it is up to us how we use this quota of will power. We can use it wisely to do worthwhile tasks and on the other way around we can use it to perform worthless tasks.

Majority people have some problem with their focus. Many people say that we can’t focus and we lose our concentration and what we need to do in order to improve this. The reason is that many people keep their focus broad and they concentrate on many things at the same time. Sometimes they keep changing their focus from first thing to second and from second to third and from third to again first. Due to this reason they don’t get effective results. Let me make you understand with the help of an example. If sun rays are falling on the paper, it will not change the behavior of the paper because rays are in broad focus. But on the other side if you put a magnifying glass between paper and sun then all rays concentrate on a single point which will burn the paper.

The narrower the focus is, the better the results. You can understand this by this example if you try to catch two rabbits concurrently, you will not be successful to catch even one. The word “Multitasking” seems good to listen to as this word came from computers. But reality is that multitasking is really tough for humans even for computers as well. When you perform a single task on computers, they perform it at their best with high speed but when you try to perform multitasks on a computer, they get hung up and their speed gets reduced. We humans do multitasks many times and we seem comfortable while performing these tasks but reality is that our brain works on foreground work and sometimes it pauses background tasks. For example, you are talking with someone on mobile and meanwhile you have to cross the road, while crossing road immediately your concentration will be diverted to traffic only and you will put your conversationalist on hold.

One more important thing to remember is that when we want to achieve any goal in our life, we keep remembering in our brain about our year goal, month goal, week goal and day goal but we forget our “Now goal”. Actually, “Now goal” is the main thing which diverted your attention towards your ultimate goal. If we remember two questions in our mind we can easily achieve our goal. Which is the thing in which we have to get mastery? And which is the thing we need to perform right now. What we have to do right now to achieve our day goal, what we need to do right now so that it brings us closer to achieve our weekly goal. In short, in order to achieve our ultimate goal, what should we need to do? Many times in our life we want to be a billionaire by short cuts but we should understand that to be a billionaire, first you need to be a millionaire and for a millionaire you need to be a thousand-ire. So focus on those things which can lead you to your ultimate goal.

To recapitulate, try to perform one task at one time and try to spend at least four hours per day on that work in which you want to get mastery.

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