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If you are a Lazy Bastard (yes, CAPITALS) who has temporary cash flow problems like myself you find yourself drawn to ways that can boost your income even if by baby steps. Well, those baby steps might turn out to be more lucrative than you thought so! 


I believe you must have heard of Move-To-Earn applications or games that reward users with cryptocurrency for working out, running or in Sweatcoin's case - just going after your duties all day on foot. Like a Champ!


The model is about as simple as it gets: You walk - You earn. Period. For every verified 1000 steps you get 1 Sweatcoin that is yours to keep and spend.


Let's dive into the aspects that put this project on my radar:


- You don't need to own NFTs to get into business.

Many M2E apps like STEPN for example require you to buy and keep an NFT to use the app and secure that juicy loot. At the moment a flashy sneaker would cost you around 4 SOL. Not much right? Still 4 Solana away from my budget limit, thank you very much.

- You can invite your friends ( and enemies ) to check their daily mileage - real time.

Your good-for-nothing buddies are back home spamming your group chat about how their souls might leave their bodies any given minute after a mellow symposium at the local watering hole? Show them who’s boss by dropping some steps in the leaderboards.

Your girlfriend told you that she is tired and would stay at home binging Too Hot To Handle while you out-of-town for the weekend at NY Comic Con but her charts are sky-high and counting? Time to call her and start worrying. 

-You can double your earnings for 20 minutes a day.

Walking the dog has never been more lucrative! Get the leash, hit the boost and let the app work in your trousers as you and your furry friend parade on the pavement. For these 20 minutes your earnings will be doubled. Effort < Spoils. Just how I like it.

- You can get rewards of your choice with the smallest amount of Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin’s marketplace has all sorts of bits and bobs like air humidifiers, make-up and beauty stuff, coupons for gadgets and jewelry and a bidding platform for top-tier goodies like SUP Paddle Boards, Flight Gift Cards. Xbox Series X, Bose Sleepbuds, 500$ Sephora and Etsy Gift Cards, PayPal and Amazon vouchers and of course Apple products too. To get these you will need to rip some shoelaces along the way but if you don’t mind the grind, you might even walk these prizes into your custody in a few months time.

- You can use your hard-earned coins to help those truly in need.

Sweatcoin allows and supports you to donate your coins for causes such as supporting farming families in Ghana, accessible education in Guinea-Bissau or help mental health programs for Romanian schools. Strive to thrive and bring your best self to work won't you?!

- The project is planned to launch their own cryptocurrency in September, and guess what…

The amount of Sweatcoin stored in your app will be airdropped to you in the new SWEAT token. After the launch your first 5000 steps of the day will mint a SWEAT for you, this should also get harder as time goes by.  And yeah, I can already hear all of you cry about the possible delay in the date and the birth of yet another worthless shitcoin with no real value but cut it out already! Many projects have crashed before but there’s always a slight chance… Besides you invested your steps ffs.


It would not be nice to withhold the downside so here it goes: 


While there are some ways to earn a bit more (watching 3 ads a day - quite reasonable in my opinion) your daily rewarded steps are capped at 10k. But as you must have guessed there is always a solution… PREMIUM !!!

The deal is quite upfront: You pay 10 bucks a year and your Sweatcoin rewards and donations to charities (!) are doubled. You will also get access to the Premium Marketplace for even more delicious deals and your step limit is also eliminated. 

Is it worth it though? It all depends on your preferences. Will your phone in your pocket  provide you with generational wealth while you walk around? Definitely not. Will it give you bragging rights as the 'King of the Kilometers' at the top of the Leaderboards? Maybe. Will it give you incentive to be a bit more conscious of your health and fitness? Hell yeah!

Given the current market conditions nowadays, who could say no to some free coins of any kind that are generated while you are pacing nervously looking at CoinMarketCap late at night? I definitely won’t so I will keep on using Sweatcoin. And I would not be a true Hustler if I would miss the opportunity to leave my referral here for you. Click it, add me as a friend and show me your distances if you dare! Android and iOS both supported so no excuses today.


My overall score for Sweatcoin App is 7/10 that I am willing to change as soon as SWEAT is on the market and I can attribute some cold hard cash to my steps. I base my points on whether the grind feels worth my while or a complete rip-off. In Sweatcoin’s case I literally pay with my sweat to get some SWEAT. Deal.

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