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Nothing you do is neither your fault nor blame.

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6 months ago

Why do we tend to blame ourselves for every unsuccessful occurrence?

We need to change the concept of "blame" in our society.

The title of this article might cause you astonishment, but that's the reality. You aren't the one to be blamed for those actions you did in your past that you consider at this moment.

You aren't guilty, yet you're responsible.

This is why I say we need to change this terminology because blame and guilt are one of the easiest ways to self-destruct us.

Many of the trauma each of one of us has are either we blame ourselves for what happened in the past. Is such a big waste of energy doing that, because if we try or not, blaming others is not going to change the situation nor will make the other person to do something about it. The only person suffering from the blame to the one person that takes it personally, and that one person is "you".

What? I'm not suffering at all from blaming my ex-boyfriend / girlfriend who cheated on me. He's/ She's guilty and he/she is worthy of blame.

Let me ask you this, do you think wasting you energy blaming and not forgiving will change anything? Do you think he's/ she's suffering because of that you're doing? Perhaps. But you will see that you're trying to make the exterior look right for you, not knowing by doing that you are destroying the beautiful interior of your existence. Even if you accomplish changing things by blaming your ex-partner, you will end up feeling empty, because all your energy was to change his mind not yours.

What your ex-partner did was wrong, even though he thought at that moment he/she was doing the right thing. But he's/ she's not guilty, he/she is responsible for what happened, and if he/she does not take accountability for his/ her actions, then you will see who he/ she is truly is, a person that doesn't deserve you in the first place.

The use of words is very important here, you will see that "being guilty" and "taking responsibilities" are similar in some ways, but they each carry very different energies.

By blaming someone, the only thing that is reigning and winning is the ego. What do you win? Do you doing peace in doing that, or is it just that your ego being happy that makes you feel peaceful?

Then what do I do if someone does something that hurts me or makes an injustice to me? Nothing?

On the contrary, you must immediately take full responsibility for what's going on. And I don't mean to say it was your fault for something that the exterior did to you. What I'm saying is that you must put all your awareness in the present moment to say to yourself: "How I'm I going to this in the best way possible?". By doing that, you're taking full responsibility for yourself, which is the only thing you can control in life. You.

By becoming responsible for everything that happens to you, you become free. Your level of consciousness will be high what nothing will be able to break you because you take the mentality of not giving bad energy to the world. Instead you can take all the bad energy that may arise from the situation and transform it to good energy.

That's what taking responsibility truly means.

By taking responsibility, you're saying to the exterior: "No matter what you do, no matter what you say, I love myself enough to not give in to your frame and energy. You can't do anything about it, I'm strong, I'm clear-minded, I'm enough. I'm the only person in charge of my life. I'm the only person who will give meaning to things. Not your words. Not your actions. Me"

With that mindset, there's is no place for blame. There is no place for bad energy. Just your most authentic self, forgiveness, peace, tranquility and love.

So if taking responsibility apply to other one's mistakes, you should also apply that to your own faults that you have made over the years that you haven't fully forgiven yourself for them.

Infact taking responsibility should aim first at yourself, then at others. I promise you that is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Your own liberty. Your own pardon.

In conclusion,

Nothing you do is your fault. You did what you thought was right. That's all you needed to do. What you have done is the responsibility of the consequences, but you aren't guilty of anything. Don't forget that.

Whatever circumstances or situation you be facing, do it perfectly. Everything happens for a beautiful reasons, only life will reveal that to us in time.

I hope you all learned something new today or just helped you to see a different perspective of life.

Thank you for reading this, I appreciate you a lot and I would love to read your thoughts on this in the comments section.

We hope to see each other in my next post, until then, thanks for taking your time to read this. GRACIAS!!!

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Written by   17
6 months ago
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You have really said it all, it's not our blame, it came from nature

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6 months ago

You're right Alex. Many people spend their time blaming themselves or others for any mistakes that come their way without realizing it won't necessarily change anything and it's only a waste of energy. Nice to meet you friend

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6 months ago

Yeah mate No lies told And it's really affecting us psychologically. It's a pleasure meeting you too Michael

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6 months ago
$ 0.00
6 months ago