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Truth seeker-05

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1 year ago

I think it will be half past one at night. I lay down on the bed with my eyes closed in the dark. The sense of hearing was so sharp that I could clearly hear the sound of the body rising and falling on the bed with my breathing. I held in my right hand the thing that Atul had given me.

Suddenly I heard no sound in the darkness but Atul touched me. The gesture was already fixed, I began to breathe loudly like a sleeping person. Understood, the time has come.

Then when the door opened, I did not know; Suddenly there was a sound on Atul's bed and the light came on. Holding the iron rod in my hand, I hurriedly jumped out of bed.

I saw Atul holding a revolver in one hand and a light switch in the other and kneeling beside his bed, looking back at the hunter like a dead tiger, looking with an exploding eye - Doctor Anukulbabu!

Atul said, "It is a great pity, Doctor Babu, that a mature man like you killed a pillow in the end!" Don't move! Drop the knife. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Ajit, open the street window - There are police outside.

The doctor got up in a panic and tried to escape through the door, but at once Atul's thunderbolt hit him in the jaw like a hammer and knocked him down.

Sitting on the ground, the doctor said, “Well, I know the rate. But listen to my guilt! ”

"What a crime, doctor, I will say it orally. His huge circular has been made in the police office - it will be published gradually. For now

The inspector and inspector entered with four or five constables.

Atul said, "For now, you have tried to kill Byomkesh Bokshi Satyanbeshi. I am handing over this crime to the police." Inspector Babu, this is the accused. ”

The inspector silently handcuffed the doctor. The doctor looked at him with a poisonous look and said, “This is a conspiracy! The police and that Byomkesh Bokshi together hanged me in a false case. But I'll take a look too. There is a court of law in the country - I also do not lack money. ”

Byomkesh said, - “It is not there. Where is the money to sell so much cocaine! ”

The doctor said with a distorted face, "Is there any evidence that I sell cocaine?"

“There is no doctor! There's proof of that in your sugar-of-milk bottle. ”

The doctor frowned in an instant, as if the leech had salt in its mouth. No more words came out of his mouth, Only the unblinking eyes began to fire on Byomkesh in a powerless rage.

It seemed to me that this was not my simple, uncompromising friend, but a great hooligan, a hooligan, a gentleman, a gentlemanOnly the unblinking eyes began to fire on Byomkesh in a powerless rage.

It seemed to me that this was not my simple uncompromising favorable man, but a great murderous thug came out of the shell of politeness. I was thrilled to think that I had spent so much time with him in this way.

Byomkesh asked, "What medicine did you give us both? Let's see, doctor." Murphy's powder - no? Wouldn't you say? Well, don't tell me - you will be caught in a chemical test. "Holding a cigar, he sat comfortably on the bed and said, "Darogababu, now write me this."

After the first information report was recorded, the doctor's house was searched and two large bottles of cocaine were found. The doctor was the one who kept quiet, and did not settle. Then it was dawn to take him to the police station along with Bamal. Byomkesh handed them over and said, "Everything is ruined here. Come to my house -You can go there and have tea. ”

I arrived at the basement of a house on Harrison Road and saw a brass sign next to the door


* *

* Srivyomkesh Bokshi *

* Truth seeker *

* *


Byomkesh said, - “Welcome! Sir, enter the hut of Deen. ”

I asked, "What is the truth seeker?"

"It simply came to our notice then. Not good to hear the word detective, worse than the word detective. That is why I have given my title - truth seeker. Isn't that right? ”

All Tetlata Byomkesh has four or five rooms; Pretty clean-cut. I asked, "Do you understand to be alone?"

“Yes. The only companion is servant Puntiram. ”

I took a deep breath and said, “Divya Basati. How long have you been here? ”

"About a year, - I just moved into your house for a few days."

Servant Puttiram quickly lit the stove and made tea. Byomkesh sipped from the hot cup and said,“Ah! You haven't had a bad day in disguise in your mess. But the doctor caught me at the end. - Of course, it's my fault! ”

"What kind?"

"I was caught talking to the police about the window - don't you understand?" Ashwinibabu through that window - "

"No, no, tell me from the beginning."

With another sip of tea, Byomkesh said, "Well, that's what I'm saying. Some of them you heard last night - listen to the rest. The police authorities were embarrassed to see the killings that were going on in your neighborhood for months. On the one hand, the Bengal government, on the other hand, the newsmen made the police even more restless by stabbing them inside and out. When this was the case, I went and met the big man of the police and said - ‘I am a non-government detective, I believe I can put an end to all these murders.’ After much deliberation, the commissioner gave me permission; The condition is that no one but him and I will know.

“Then I will go to your house. If you want to run a search, you need to have a base of operations near the site, so I chose your mess. Who knew then that the base of operations of the opposing party was in the same place!

"From the beginning, Budd seemed to be a better person, and the fact that it is very convenient to pretend to be a homeopathic doctor when it comes to running a cocaine business was also on my mind," he said. But there was no doubt that the doctor was the master of the drama.

“The doctor's first suspicion was the day before Ashwini Kumar died. I remember, perhaps, the body of a Bhatia was found on the road that day. When the doctor heard that, A thousand taka note came out of the pocket of his tank, then a picture of such failed greed appeared on his face for a moment that all my doubts fell on the doctor.

“Then in the evening I heard Ashwinibabu listening. In fact, Ashwinibabu did not come to listen to us, he came to talk to the doctor. But as soon as he saw that we were there, he left with an excuse.

"I was deceived again by the use of Ashwini Babu, I thought maybe he was the real culprit. From what I heard at night to get the floor ear, the matter was not clear. All I can understand is that he saw something terrible. Then that night when he was killed, there was nothing left to understand. When the doctor killed that Bhatiyata on the street, Ashwinibabu miraculously saw the scene from his window. And that's what he secretly went to tell the doctor.

"Do you understand now?" The doctor dealt in cocaine, but never let anyone know that he was the mastermind! If anyone found out by chance, they would kill him immediately. In this way he has saved himself for so long.

"That Bhatia was probably a doctor's broker, through whom cocaine was supplied to the market. That's my guess, maybe not. That night he came to the doctor, for some reason they had a monomalignment. Maybe the guy tried to blackmail the doctor - scared of the police. As soon as he left the house, the doctor followed him and killed him.

"Ashwinibabu saw this scene from his window and went to the doctor out of sheer stupidity.

"I don't know what his motive was. He benefited from the doctor, So maybe he wanted to warn her. The result is the exact opposite. In the eyes of the doctor, he no longer had the right to live. Sometime that night, when he was about to leave the house, Just then the meeting jam came and stood in front of him.

"I can't say whether the doctor suspected me at first, but when I told the police that the window was the cause of Ashwini Kumar's death, Then he realized that I had guessed something, so I also had the right to leave this world. But I was not anxious to leave this world. So I started spending the day very carefully.

"Then the police made a big fool of me by arresting me. Anyway, the commissioner came and released me, I came back to the mess again. The doctor then decided that I was a detective, But he hid his thoughts and showed me a heavy stomach by letting me stay in the mess for the night. There was only one motive behind the generosity - to kill me somehow. Because no one else knew as much as I did about him.

“"Until then, there was no real evidence against the doctor. He could have been jailed for searching his house for cocaine,But no court would prove that he was a ruthless murderer. So I started tempting him too. I made it worse by dropping the nail on the door lock. The doctor was overjoyed to hear the news - we can't sleep with the door closed at night.

“Then when we went to get the medicine, he met heaven. When you think of the two of us with a whole bunch of morphine,We will sleep in such a way that even if he falls asleep, we will not know.

“After that, the tiger came and set foot in the trap. What else? ”

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Written by   14
1 year ago
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