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2 years ago

# Qualifications

10 o'clock at night. There are not too many people in the market. I am also thinking of closing the shop and going home. Near our house from the market. It takes five minutes on foot. I calculated that today I have two thousand rupees left in one day. If it continues like this, my business will end. When the villagers take the rest of the rice pulses, I can't help but look at their faces. My mother always told me different things about this. I come home every day with a promise, the rest of the sale is off from today. But I can't. At one time it was very difficult to run the family. Now it is not a problem. Now the condition of my shop is bad but another source of income has been created. My brother has a government job.

I bought some chocolates and an ice cream from the shop. These are for Neela. Sapphire is my cousin. Stays in our house. Now H. S. C. Will give. College is very close to our house so I have been here for a couple of years. Pretty lazy girl. He stays with his mother as long as he is at home. Helps me with many tasks starting from washing my clothes. My mother is very upset if Sapphire goes to their house for a day or two. I also suffer a lot. But no one knows about my suffering. I keep it a secret. What will everyone think if they know about the suffering. I keep everything secret for fear of this. Every day I secretly give chocolate and ice cream to Sapphire.

I came in front of the house. I knocked on the door. Neela's smiling face. I handed out chocolates and ice cream. Sapphire said,

- Brother, do you have to bring these every day? Sometimes it takes a day or two.

I think so too. Sometimes it takes a day or two. But my mind does not mean.

Mother's body is not good today. Lying in bed I approached. The pressure has increased. I asked Sapphire,

- Did you give your mother medicine?

- Yes, I did.

Mom is asleep. I went to eat fresh food. Sapphire has not done the job of raising food since she came to our house. Nilai. Sapphire enjoys these works very much. For this, Neela's mother is very happy. Sapphire also cooks when given the opportunity. Sapphire said,

- Brother, can you bring me home tomorrow morning?

I said, why?

- College is closed for two days.

As soon as I heard that Sapphire was going home, it seemed to me.

After the meal I went to my mother's room. Mom is sleeping. I peeked into Neela's room. Sapphire is reading. He looked at me and said,

- Brother, do you need anything?

- No, it doesn't matter.

I came to the room and lay down. Sapphire also hung my mosquito net.

I have become very dependent on Neela. But where is the end of it? Sapphire will leave this house one day. What will happen that day? When I think of that day, I feel a pain in the left side of my chest.

Sapphire often tells me, brother, you get married. Then a man will be found to serve the uncle.

I want to get married. But not everything is going well. The couple has come to see me many times. I don't like it either. Of course, the choice should not be. My skin color is black. To say black is absolutely black. The condition of education is even worse. Twice s. S. C. Couldn't even pass. All in all, I am incompetent as a potter. So mother gave up. Mom doesn't say anything about my marriage anymore. I heard my mother talking about my brother's marriage. My brother's name is Dipu. We are twins. But the twins are a little different. There is no similarity in our appearance. My brother is so beautiful to look at. Skin color pale, tall tall. Tukhor is a meritorious student. I still smile when I think of my childhood. I could not study at all. And my brother is the first boy in the class. Dipu used to write in her notebook first and then in my notebook. In this way, I have often got relief from the hands of Sir Mair. The relationship between the two brothers is like a friend. We wore the same clothes all the time. People used to look at us while walking along the road. After school we would go to the store. Dad used to give five rupees to both of them. With the money we ate lozenges, ice cream. One day a huge shoot happened. In the afternoon, Dipur got into a fight with a boy on the playground. I was not on the field. Someone got the news to my ears. I ran to the field. Then the two brothers bleached the boy. That's why my father used to quarrel with us a lot.

Once I got up in class ten. All the thoughts of my parents are with me. How to pass this boy. Two masters were kept at home. But nothing happened. I failed. And my brother got A plus. I'm not in any trouble. Even if I can't, Dipu has got peace in this. Mother cried a lot. But Dad told me,

- Hey crazy, once you drop it, nothing happens. You will test again.

I got courage from my father's words. I started studying again. My brother Dipu got admitted in the college. He made many new friends. Even then the relationship between us remained intact. The cost of living increased. With only one shop, my father started eating Himshim. In the midst of a thousand hardships, my father did not break down. It gave me a lot of courage.

One day I went home from school and saw my father lying down. Lots of people around the bed. Mom is crying. I went to my father. Dipu has not returned from college yet. Dad grabbed my hand. He wanted to say something but couldn't. Dad's hands and feet are like.

Dad died. Mother is crying. I don't know what to do. After a while Dipu came. The two brothers hugged and cried all afternoon.

We lost our father and lost our way. Mother was worried. How will the family? I started sitting in the store. I told Dipu,

- Don't break at all. What happened if I didn't have a father, I'm not here !!

Dipu was never allowed to sit in the shop. My test started. I used to test in the morning and sell it in the afternoon. It would have been very difficult. I didn't understand much of the store. All the people from whom my father received money seemed to have disappeared.

I failed the test again. It was very difficult. I went to my father's grave and cried for a long time.

Mom said,

- Skip reading now. Give the store the right amount of time.

I did not think seven or five, as my mother's words, I picked up new goods in the store.

Dipu H. S. C. He also got this plus. Even that day we went to the grave of my two brothers and cried for a long time.

Dipu got a chance at the university. I have distributed sweets throughout the village. I told Dipu,

- Never think for money. You have to continue studying anyway.

Dipu moved to Dhaka.

I couldn't give my mother more than one sari a year. I've been wearing a shirt all year. I sent money to Dipu at the beginning of every month.

My brother has finished Honors, Masters.

We are much better now. Dipu got a government job a year ago. Sends money home every month. He bought me an expensive mobile phone with the first salary of the job.

There is one more reason why I am incompetent as a potter. Many people say that I am a little bull type. But I do not believe these. Because my brother Dipu said, I am a man of clay. My brother never lies.

The next morning my mother woke me up. Mother has recovered. After breakfast I took Neela and left for Mama's house. Will be back again in the afternoon. I got on a rickshaw. Road through the bill. There is plenty of water on both sides of the road. A gentle breeze is blowing. The sweet morning sun has come on Neela's face. Sapphire looks very beautiful. I said,

- When will you come?

- The day you go to fetch it.

Sapphire tells me you do. I say you do too. But I say it in front of my mother. Sapphire laughs when you say, I suddenly became you? I can't say anything more in shame.

The rickshaw is moving. Sapphire said,

- I'll be at home when the exam is over. What will happen then? Who will see my uncle?

I said nothing and looked away. Sapphire may have understood my state of mind.

Shapla is blooming in the middle of the bill. It is very nice to see water lilies in the water. Sapphire said,

- Brother, let's not go and pick up the shapla.

- Are you crazy? I have to get back to you. It will be too late.

Sapphire was upset to hear me. He sat down with a sullen face. I don't like Neela's sullen face. I told him to stop the rickshaw. A boat is tied a little far away. The two of us got on the boat. I'm on the boat, and Sapphire is touching the water lily with her hand. Sapphire never went out like this. I have not understood that he has such a childish mind. The girl has a kind of hidden beauty in man, which is revealed when she goes to nature.

I reached Nilad's house around noon. Sapphire was busy feeding me that. I don't know what Mami thinks after seeing Neela's behavior.

It's time for me to return. I said to Sapphire, - Come quickly.

Sapphire laughed and said,

- You come and take it.

These words can only be said to those with whom you have a deep relationship. But do I have a deep relationship with Neela? I do not know the answer.

I left for home. I went straight to the store without going home. My mobile rang. Dipu called. There is a weekend off. Wants to come home I said, come back tomorrow.

Dipu will have to give the news to her mother. I closed the shop and went home. Mama wanted to know the news of the house. I said, mother Dipu will come tomorrow.

Mother said, I told Dipu to come. This time a marriage will have to be paid for the holiday.

I am very happy. I have many plans for Dipur's marriage. How much will I do! Mother said, sit next to me. I went and sat very close to my mother.

When the mother says something important, she calls him. Mom said,

- Sapphire has been in this house for a long time. She is very good as a girl. I want to leave him for Dipur. What do you say?

In the afternoon, a new look of the girl caught my eye, the girl for whom a lot of space has been made in my heart, the girl my mother wants to marry my brother. Dipu is not just my brother, she is half my life. I don't understand what I should say now. I stared at my mother's Mayavara face for a long time.

Mom said again,

- You're not saying that!

I mumbled and said,

- It's good. But Dipu and Sapphire know something about it?

- They don't know. But I have talked to Neela's father. She agrees.

There is no reason not to agree. My brother deserves it. One in a million.

Suddenly the mother seemed to be much healthier. I am very happy to see my mother's condition. My brother will come tomorrow morning. My brother will get married. I can't sit still. There is a lot of work to be done. I left my mother's room and went to the canal. After a while the sun will set. All around will be covered in thick darkness. I feel a pain on the left side of my chest. I'm having a hard time breathing. A banyan tree a little away from Khalpar. I sat under the tree. Darkness is all around. I lay down on the roots of the tree. I am counting the stars in the sky one by one. The night was getting dark. Mom is home alone. There is no sapphire today. I started walking towards the house.

Mother is standing in front of the door. He looked at me and asked,

- Where have you been all night?

I never lied to my mother. Just said today. There was little work so I went to the market.

Mother increased the rice. I'm eating mom anymore. Suddenly my mother put food in my mouth. I'm crying a lot. I moaned and cried. Mao is crying. I don't remember the last time my mother fed me. Today I played with my mother's hand again.

Dipu left before dawn. There is no limit to my joy in seeing him. I hugged Dipu. Tears in mother's eyes. Dipu wiped away her mother's tears. Mom has cooked many kinds of curry. The two brothers are having a lot of fun.

Mom said,

- Dipu, but this time the marriage has to be healed. Now it will not work if you make any more excuses.

Dipu blushed in shame when she heard her mother's words.

Mom said again,

- Our Sapphire is a very good girl. Good to see and hear. If you don't mind, I'll talk to Neela's father.

Dipu looked at me. I said,

- Yes, Sapphire is very polite. Will agree with you very well.

Dipu is not saying anything. Eating with his head down.

Finally the date of the wedding day was fixed. Get married tomorrow. The ceremony cannot be held in a hurry. So Dipu and I will go and bring my wife. Understanding the time opportunity can be done even after the ceremony. It is the decision of mother and Neela's father.

Dipu and I are lying in the same bed. We slept together as children. Today I am sleeping together for the last time. Dipu said,

- I haven't seen Sapphire very much. What kind of girl would say?

I smiled and said,

- Great girl. Such looks, such qualities. Will agree with you very well.

Dipu seems to be thinking. I tried to sleep back on the other side.

Late night. Everyone is unconscious in deep sleep. I looked at Dipur. An innocent face. Only blue is suitable for this face. To Neela, I'm a badass. My brother is a piece of my collar. I have no envy towards him. Still, I can't adjust my mind.

We woke up very early in the morning at the call of mother. I rented a car to bring my wife. The car has already arrived. On the morning of the wedding day, one has to eat payesh. Mother forcibly fed Dipu.

At ten o'clock in the morning we left for Neela's house. I have been to my uncle's house for so long. Now I am going to my brother's father-in-law's house. It's as if a feeling of shame comes to mind. There is water on both sides of the road. White water lilies are swaying in the water.

The groom's outfit suited Dipu quite well. Looks like movie heroes.

The car stopped in front of Neela's house. We got out of the car. Everyone is very interested in marriage son-in-law. But the interest in Dipur is a little less. Because everyone already knows the son-in-law.

There is no end to the excitement in my mind. Those who will get married today are the closest to my life. Sapphire is a piece of heart, which I fell in love with little by little every day.

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2 years ago
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