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Drunkards 09

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2 years ago

# Drunkards

# Episode_09

Erin woke up in the morning and said with incredible eyes,

--- Were you awake all night?

--- Hmm ...

--- Didn't sleep at all?

--- Tried, couldn't sleep.

--- Oh my God ... He stared at me all night, didn't he?

Without answering Erin's words, I went back to sleep. Erin is pretty much right. I stared at Erin most of the night. His body was relaxed. I could not remove myself from the crime of snatching.

To change the subject, I said,

--- I'll sleep for a while now; You pull the curtains well and the door gets stuck. I can't sleep when someone is at home.

--- If not, I'll be ready now. I'll go to university, you'll sleep when I'm gone ... but as long as I'm here, I'll use this room.

Fao arguing with Erin. I pulled the kantha over my face.

Erin removed the top of my mouth and said,

--- Wow .....

I was very angry.

Who cares about my anger?

Erin bowed her head and said with a smile on her face, embarrassed.

--- You are very good, fresh man!

--- Why?

--- He didn't do anything to me all night. Well, you did not want to touch me a little hand? Truth be told but ...

I got up with a sigh. It is impossible to sleep here. Erin can talk nonstop if she is in front.

Erin smiled sweetly.

--- It's better for me if you go to another room. I don't feel fresh when I take a bath and walk after a towel, you know? You see, my feet are very good. I can walk without crutches now. It's okay to sing ...

Before I could say anything in anger, Erin turned the towel around and sang,

"Shunogo south wind ... I'll take a bath ..."

I wrapped my kantha and went back to bed in this room.

Erin took a bath and started drinking again.

--- You stay, oh .... How can I walk now? Surprise !! I am not ashamed to understand. But this time it is not going well. You have seen what you have seen in your sleep. Be aware that is another matter ..... look at me but this is the first time. Maybe even before you. But no boy has seen me before. No one even held hands.

Look at the university I also used your name but to escape from the hands of the boys. A little girl from a family background, but all the boys want to hand. I think, hand. So I used the name of the biggest student leader of the university. Is there anything wrong with me? If a girl asks me to protect myself, the biggest demon in this city is my future groom. And if the girl survives the rest of the little demons, there is nothing wrong with that. Isn't it?

I am being called an asura, but I am silent without answering. Because talking to Erin means speeding up her speech. At one point Erin, gently pressed her foot and removed the kantha from the top of my face. I pretended to be fast asleep.

Erin let out a long sigh. He moved his hand over my face and held my finger. Then he muttered,

--- Oh, I see you are really asleep ... Good ... Very good.

Erin happily tried to dance with her broken leg on the towel for a while. Then he got ready and packed the bag. He wrote something on a small piece of paper and pasted it on the door and pulled the curtains of the last window and gently locked the door and left.

I tried to sleep for a while. Sleep Elona. Life was really incomprehensible to me then. What was happening, why it was happening was all of a sudden to me in the language of drama.

What will happen to Erin? I didn't understand where my life was going. Is Riya lost? Will I be affected by Erin too .... When I fell asleep thinking like this ... I woke up in the evening. Have you slept so long? I hurried to my mother and said,

--- Why didn't you call? It's been a long time coming ...

Mother threatened the opposite.

--- Did you agree to call yourself? I slept on an empty stomach. There will be peace by tying the body badly ....

--- When did I agree? Did you go to my house

--- I went to call and saw that you have written on your door,

"Don't shout unnecessarily, mother! Beware! I couldn't sleep all night because of my new wife's irritation." Have you become shameless by getting married, baby!

I ran to the front of my room. Erin then put it on the door in the morning!

My gossip in the evening is routine. As I was leaving, I saw Erin returning. He came to me and said,

--- Where are you going now?

--- Why do you have to say?

--- It's better to tell someone where you're going when you're out. When there is a danger.

--- I haven't told anyone so far. Why change the routine for you?

--- Bar, why change the routine? It's just a matter of routine ... I'll tell Erin before I go anywhere.

I rubbed my eyes. Erin immediately rolled her eyes.

I got a smile. Because he has enlarged his eyes to make his eyes look bigger .....

--- Will you be two minutes late? I did some shopping to show them ....

I reluctantly followed Erin back home.

Erin blinked and said,

--- Thank you.

--- Shopping on these broken legs?

--- The legs are better now. This is what you see. There is no pain. My immunity is very good. Fever, when the stomach is bad, it just goes away, no medicine is needed.

I thought Erin was shopping for herself, not that. She shopped for mom and for me.

--- He got married after getting in so much trouble. Dad didn't give you anything. I thought I would give it ... Marriage is a thousand, right?

Erin bought everything for me from Punjabi to underwear ..... and everything is small .....

Punjabi shorts, sleeve shorts ... I put shoes on my feet that too short. The look on Erin's face made me look as if she could cut me short ....

The wrinkled face just said,

--- Tell me how long you are ...? The shopkeeper said, it is the biggest size ..... is anyone's leg so big? This is the longest pants on the market ....

The poor girl patted her head and cried.

I grabbed my Punjabi for a while. Pull the shoes too ...

I looked at Erin's condition and said,

--- Okay, that's how short Punjabi can be worn .. Besides, pants are also fine, wearing pants above the ankles is circumcision.

Erin didn't seem to be so reassured by my words. Once, however, vaguely said,

--- Shall I hug you once? Feeling upset too. So much shopping ... not one of them is right for you. Ish ...

I pretended not to hear it.

After the short Punjabi given by Erin, I came out in a hurry and it seemed that I didn't give anything to Erin either. Should I give him something?



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Written by   63
2 years ago
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Nice one. Superb, awesom, amazing... I like this story. Keep writting. Go ahead.

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2 years ago

In fact, we don't love to eat flowers. Flowers are a sacred thing for everyone. We all love flowers. You wrote a whole article. Thank you.

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2 years ago

nice reading.....i am waiting for continue

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2 years ago