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UnEqual Love

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1 year ago
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I was leaving F Rahman Hall and going towards Kala Bhavan. At this time, he suddenly saw two girls walking from the opposite direction.

Seeing one of the two, it seemed that the girl was not from this world, she must be from a place. After a while I discovered that I was standing in front of them.

The fairy looked at me in surprise. Then he frowned and asked, what is the problem?

: No, no problem.

: Then why did you stand in front like this?

: Sorry, you actually had a whim.

: Said.

: Would you fly in the sky?

Hearing my whims, both of them were shocked.

: What do you mean?

: No, I actually heard the story from my mother when I was a child, fairy can fly in the sky. But never had a chance to see. Since you are a fairy. So I was saying if you could fly a little.

The fairy smiled a little and said, sorry, not wanting to fly at the moment.

: No problem. He said the time when he would like to fly again. I'll come see you then.

: Brother, this method of seducing girls is very old. But good try.

The fairy started laughing.

I grabbed the left side of my chest with my right hand. Then I said slowly, please, don't laugh like that. Seeing your smile hurts a little on the left side of my chest. It cannot be said that heart attack can happen.

: What's the matter, did you go out drunk in the morning?

: Naujubilla, I'm not intoxicated. But since seeing you, I know how intoxicated I feel.

: So. What's your name Where do you live?

: I am Emu. I live in F Rahman.

: In which year, in which subject?

: I am in Bengali. This time in the first year.

: Boy, you're brand new to campus. Listen, you don't know how to talk to older sisters. You have to learn that first, you know. Listen, I'm your two year senior.

: Sorry.

: You don't have to just say sorry, say sorry Tama Apa.

: Sorry Tama Apa. Will you teach me a little how to talk to seniors? I need a teacher in this regard.

: Well, go to class now. Contact later.

: Then give the address.

: What's the address?

: You said no to contact later. How to communicate without the address.

: Well, give me your phone number. I will call later and give the address.

: I don't use the phone.

: My God, does anyone live without a phone in this age?

: Yes, Himura does not usually use the phone.

: Are you Himu?

: Yes, I am Himu. Humayun Sir wrote the book about me.

: Is that so? Where is your yellow Punjabi?

: I am Himu without yellow Punjabi.

: Okay, you've done a lot of nonsense. Now go to class. You may not have noticed, you came to Nilkhet with us to talk.

: I think I will not go to class today.

: Why?

: Actually, I don't want to miss the opportunity to walk with fairy Of course if you have no objection.

: We will go shopping now. What will you do with us? Of course it's good to have you. We need a man to carry our shopping bags. Can you

: Of course I can. You don't know, I'm just a professional porter. In my spare time I work as a porter at Kamalapur railway station.

: Done, no more fun. Have you ever gone shopping with the girls? Your head will get worse as you turn around.

: Seeing you has already made my head hurt, and what will be worse.

: Beware, don't flat. Junior will be like junior, you know.

: Sorry, Tama.

: I didn't tell you, I'll tell you.

: Yes, Tama Apa.

I spent the whole day with Tama Apa and her girlfriend. I didn't understand when Tama Apa came down from you. Tama Apa gave the address at the time of farewell. He lives in Rokeya Hall. Room number 503. Read in economics.

In the last three months since that day, not a single day has gone by that we have not met. We stay together all day, from morning till the time we enter the hall, except during class time. But not once in these three months did I say, Tama Apa, I love you. But in this short time I have realized one thing, I will not be able to do without Tama Apa.

I have thought a lot and decided what will happen, this time on Valentine's Day I will tell you directly about my love.

Two days ago, while riding in a rickshaw, I told Tama Apa, Tama Apa, what are your plans for Valentine's Day?

: No, there is no such plan. Why?

: If you allow, this time Valentine's Data I want to be with you.

: What do you mean! You stay with me every day.

: That's it. But you also have girlfriends. I wish no one would be with us that day.

: Well, that's what I gave. That day is yours.

: And listen, I will tell you a serious story of my life that day.

: You say serious! You!

: Why are you wondering? Can't I talk serious? What do you think, I'm not a serious person?

: That's my idea.

: Sorry, you still don't know me today.

: Stay, don't pretend anymore. Which, I will listen to your serious words.

Then February 14, Valentine's Day. The whole TSC area is like a sea of ​​people. Tama Apa is wearing sari today. Didn't take any makeup, just lightly took a little lipstick. Still, he looks like fairy. I entered the TSC and saw Tama Apa sitting on the grass. Her face is heavy. I understood that he was angry with me for coming late.

I went in front of him and gave a long salutation, Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuhu. How are you sister?

: Beware, you will not talk to me.

: Apa, you seem to have forgotten. My name is Emu, no nonsense.

: Of course nonsense. Would anyone be late for an important day like Valentine's Day if it wasn't for nothing?

: Sorry Tama Apa. In fact, it was the first official Valentine's Day of my life. Believe me, I could not sleep all night in this joy. But I can't say when I fell asleep in the morning. This will not go wrong next year. I decided to come to TSC the night before next year with a blanket and pillow and lie down.

: Don't be silly. I came that morning and sat down for you. One more thing, why are you coming empty handed?

: Why, what should be in hand? Photos, sticks or something sticky?

: Look around, everyone has brought gifts. And you came empty-handed. If you didn't bring a gift, at least you could bring chocolate.

: Listen Apa, as far as I know, adults usually give chocolates to children. And you're two years older than me. So I thought, maybe you can give me chocolate.

: But you tricked me into being big. Well, you know I'm older than you. Then why are you following me?

: Is there a way out? Who told you to be fair? If you didn't wear it, I wouldn't follow you.

Tama Apa could not be angry anymore. He smiled sweetly. Whenever Tama Apa smiles, she knows how the inside of my chest is. I do not understand how this girl smiles so sweetly?

: Okay, I understand the reason for not bringing chocolate. But I could bring a flower. I used to keep it in a hut.

: Where's the bangs? You have bob cut hair.

: I used to keep Atlist in my ear.

: He could. But the problem is that the swell often has insects. Suppose an insect is in your ear ....

I could not finish the sentence. Before that Tama Apa got up with a threat.

: Listen, the flower-chocolate there is no chocolate is fine. But I will not give contradictory arguments.

: OK, I won't.

: You didn't say, I will talk seriously today. No, get started.

: Tell me now? Tell you later?

: Say no now. I will listen to you first, then I will decide whether I will stay with you all day today or not.

I lifted one hand of Tama Upper with both my hands. I took it softly. Then I looked deep into his eyes.

: My God, will you act like the heroes of Bengali drama now? Please, don't do anything else. Say it directly.

: Tama apa, I love you.

: It's important to you! Hey fool, I love you too.

: Tama Apa, the love you are talking about is not love. It's a different kind of love.

: Are you kidding me?

: Tama Apa I am serious. I really love you.

: Listen, what you call love is not really love. Is this your fascination?

: No, it's not fascination. This is my true love.

: So!

: You don't believe, do you? You will believe what you say. I will do whatever you say. If you want, I can now run for you in the middle of these thousands of people just after underwear. Deb?

: You give if you want.

: I'm serious. I do one thing, aren't you hungry? You sit down, I would rather just bring Tehri from Nilkhet with one run after underwear. Then the two of them will eat Tehri comfortably.

I got up. Then I put my hand on the belt of the pants to open it. Tama Apa quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me down.

: Boy, what are you doing? Will you open your pants in front of everyone now? My God, you really have a problem. How many people do not do for love. And this guy will run after his underwear.

: What's the problem? It will be a very turbulent event. Listen, the nation may write my name in gold in history for this. Shahjahan, Majnu, Farhad will be written next to the underwear father.

: Not underwear dad? Thabraya will let go of your madness. Fazil Pola, you will write history now Digambara, right?

: Well, Tama Apa, why do you beat me all the time? The way you beat me all the time scares me. I think I know why, after marriage you will put me on the mire.

: Hey, who will marry you? Me? Listen, my head isn't so bad yet, I'll marry a little polar bear like you.

: Won't you marry me? You know, you don't like me.

I said the word in a haughty tone and turned my face away and sat down.

: My God, my grandfather is angry. Hey fool, I love you but how is love marriage possible? You are much younger than me. How can I have a romance with you? It will not jam.

: Of course. Tama apa, listen, I am just a romantic.

: Is that so?

: Can't believe it? Okay, let me show you now how romantic I am.

I got up from my seat. Then I told Tama to get up.

: Why, why should I stand up?

: Because, now while singing a romantic song of Bengali cinema, we will do a dance together. I have also fixed the song in it. ‘Amar Sonar Bangla, I love you’ came and sang this song together.

: This goat, my golden Bengali romantic song!

: Not romantic? But here it is spoken of love. Well, leave it at that, change the song. Wait, I remember another song.

I started singing, "There is my attorney, there is my barrister, he can do it to me in the High Court of the last trial, I am a sinner, he is the guarantor ....

: Hey, you stop. My God, you don't know what a romantic song is. And you're coming to love?

: Then you say a song. Then he came and sang that song and danced.

: Listen, my head is not so bad yet that I have to sing and dance with Bengali movie songs.

Tama Apa giggled and laughed. Seeing Tama Upper's smile, she knew how the inside of her chest was again. I stared at Tama's upper face in surprise. Just then Tama Apar's phone rang. He put his finger in his mouth and gestured not to speak. Then he received the phone. He spoke for about two minutes.

When he had finished speaking, he said, "Listen, I must get up now." Dad has come. He is waiting for me in front of the hall.

: Well, this gentleman didn't have time to come anymore. Does anyone come today on such a day?

: Beware, don't say anything nonsense about my father. I'm leaving now.

: So what do I do now?

: You sit here for now. Let's see why my father came first. I'll say goodbye to him.

: But what if he doesn't go or take you out for a walk? So how do I know? I don't have a phone.

: Wait, I have the solution. Grab this packet. This is my Valentine's gift for you.

Tama Apa took out a packet from her bag. I opened the packet and saw a new shiny phone inside.

: Listen, there's a SIM card inside. Your acting as Himu is over from today. From now on I will be able to find you all the time. Listen, if Dad takes me somewhere, I'll let you know by text message. Be careful not to call while the father is there. I went.

Saying the words, Tama Apa stood up. Then he left me behind and walked towards the gate of TSC. After taking a few steps, he came back.

: Do one thing, you close your eyes.

: Why close your eyes?

: Because, now I will give you a surprise gift. If you don't close your eyes, you won't get that gift.

: Okay, I'm closing.

: And another thing, don't open your eyes as soon as you receive a gift. Continue counting in your mind from one to one hundred. Then open your eyes. All right?

I nodded in agreement. Tama Apa knelt in front of me. I closed my eyes. I felt him remove the hair from my forehead with his gentle hand. Then he touched her pink lips to my forehead.

Then he brought his face to his ear and whispered, I love you panties father.

The caress of the girls is so cute, I didn’t know. Her gentle touch made my whole body tremble. As soon as I sat down, I spread my arms and legs on the grass with my eyes closed. Then I started counting 1, 2, 3, ... 99, 100 in my mind. I slowly opened my eyes. I saw that there is no Tama Apa anywhere around. I closed my eyes slowly again in the obsession of happiness.

Thirty minutes after Tama Apa left, I received a text message - 'Listen, mother is sick. That's why my father came to pick me up. I am now going to the village with my father. Don't call me. I will call when I have time. Stay well. '

Tama Apa left me alone.

At eleven-fifteen that night I received a second message from Tama Upper, ‘You know, Dad brought me home today to lie to me. Mom actually didn't do anything. She is OK. I have a fight with everyone at home. So I can't talk to you now. I will tell you everything later. '

I stayed up all night waiting for the next message from Tama Upper. But no message came at night.

On the morning of February 15, I sat alone on the sidewalk in front of the hall. Feeling very restless. Nothing looks good. I know why I thought it would be good to go to TSC. Slowly I started walking towards TSC. Coming to TSC, Tama Apa and I went and sat where I was sitting yesterday.

Exactly at ten forty minutes in the morning, I got another message from Tama Upper, ‘You are always with me, how do you know the matter at home. Their idea, we’re in love. That's why my father brought me home. I fought with you at home all night yesterday. Everyone wanted to know what our relationship was. I said in front of everyone, I love you. Then when I said, you are still a student, I saw that everyone in the house had gone against me. I just found my mother by my side. But when I said you are my junior, I saw that Mao is no longer with me. I am now a kind of prisoner at home.

I told you, stay like a junior junior. There is no need to love. You didn't listen to me. It just made me weak. I forced you to love. After leaving you in Dhaka, I realized that I am incomplete without you. You know, I've been crying since last night. Do you know why I am crying? Because, today is your next wedding. Today your Tama will take you to another person. I made many requests, but my parents would not listen to me. They are forcing me to get married. Can you tell me what to do now? '

I read the message and sat down like a stone. I felt a stream of hot water coming down from my eyes. I don't know what to do. It felt like the whole TSC was slowly revolving around me. I could not sit. I spread my arms and legs on the grass and lay down. Then I looked at the sky with teary eyes. I saw a fairy flying like a bird through the clouds in the blue sky. I wanted to shout —fairy, I love you, I love you, I opened my mouth. I shouted. But no sound came out of his throat. Suddenly I saw how the surroundings were slowly getting dark. I realized I was losing consciousness.

The story is written in a combination of real and fiction.

B. Note: Love is a Maya sheet. Whether you like it or not, this sheet will embrace you. When? How? You can't even understand that.

B. Note b. Note: It doesn't make sense to fall in love with a little girl of the same age all the time, doesn't it? Such is love. Does love follow the rules all the time? Isn't...?

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Written by   447
1 year ago
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Though i'm not familiar with the story, i was touched by the roll of it. Nice one brother. 😊👍

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Thank you so much ☺

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I really liked it after reading the post...keep going dear brother

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1 year ago

Thanks you so much dear sister

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1 year ago

Extraordinary love story.😇😇 How romantic you are!😇

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1 year ago

Thanks for your most valuable comments dear, You have a lot in common with this story of mine, did you catch it?❤

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1 year ago

That's really great brother. Keep it up.

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1 year ago

Thanks a lot for the inspiration

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