How to Participate in Two Dogs Taproom's Crowdfunding in Crypto

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Two Dogs Taproom in Tokyo has been a long time supporter of crypto payments. They have been accepting Bitcoin (BTC) since 2013, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) since 2017, and we have hosted a number of crypto meetups there.
They have also collaborated with us to make the famous Bitcoin Cash IPA (sponsored by CoinSpice) and have been very supportive of cryptocurrency's adoption.

Bitcoin Cash IPA with owner and staff

Two Dogs Taproom has been a very popular restaurant/bar, but it is now struggling badly to survive due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They have started a crowdfunding campaign (available in both English and Japanese).

<How to Donate in Crypto>

The site does not allow crypto donations, and if you are interested in donating in crypto and still receiving the perks, here is an instruction of how to do that:

<Please note>
-Donations in crypto with perks are available from 5,000 yen and up
-Perks can be shipped to Japanese addresses only
-You're welcome to just send any amount of donations to below addresses without receiving the perks!
-The crowdfunding will end on August 17th 2020. The returns will be mailed after the ending date.

1. Send crypto to one of below addresses:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

BCH Address

Bitcoin (BTC):

BTC Address

2. Within 24 hours after sending a transaction, please email Two Dogs Taproom (To: and send them below info (If Two Dogs finds more than one conflicting claims for the same transaction, they will require further proof of the transaction, such as signing the transaction)

Email to:

(1) Your full name
(2) Date and time of transaction
(3) Transaction ID:
(4) Perk that you want:ex "I'd like the 10,000 yen Perk: ¥12,100 worth of Food & Beverage at Two Dogs Taproom"
(5) Shipping address in Japan: Postal code, prefecture, street address
(6) Phone number

Thank you!

Read this article in Japanese(日本語でこの記事を読む):

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Wow! Hopefully there will be such a system here in our country. Those who can use the bch to pay the bill. Or receive bch as payment. Like the scanning QR code. For now we only use to buy items or groceries using Gcash only.

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