The past days I have learnt

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I've learnt that you can't force love.

You can only be loved.

It's up to them.

No matter how much I care, some folks just don't care.

Trust takes years to create, but just seconds to break.

I've learnt that it's not about what you have.

I've discovered that charm lasts about fifteen minutes.

Then you should know something.

I've learnt not to compare myself to others, but to my own abilities.

I've learnt that it's not about what happens to people. It's what they do.

I've learnt that there are always two sides to something.

I've learnt that being the person I want to be takes time.

I've discovered that reacting is easier than thinking.

I've learned to always leave loved ones with affection.

It may be your last encounter.

This is a lesson I've learned: never give up.

I've learnt that no matter how we feel, we are responsible for our actions.

I've learnt to control my attitude or it rules me.

I've learnt that heroes are those who do what needs to be done, no matter the repercussions.

I've discovered that forgiving takes practice.

There are those who truly care about you but don't know how to express it.

I've learnt that money is a bad scorekeeper.

I've learnt that my best friend and I can do anything and still have fun.

I've discovered that those who you expect to kick you when you're down can actually assist you get up.

I've learnt that true friendship endures across long distances.

So is true love.

Someone who doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't love you with all their heart.

I've learnt that maturity is more about life events and lessons acquired than birthdays.

I've learnt not to tell a child their dreams are impossible.

What a disaster if they believed it.

I've learnt that family isn't always there. It's ironic, but strangers can love you and teach you to trust again.

Families don't exist.

I've learned that no matter how excellent a friend is, they will occasionally hurt you and you must forgive them.

I've realized that others' forgiveness isn't always enough.

You must learn to forgive yourself.

I've learnt that the world doesn't stop for your broken heart.

I've learnt that our upbringing and circumstances shape who we are, but we are responsible for our choices.

I've learnt that just because two individuals disagree doesn't imply they don't love each other.

I've learned to prioritize people over deeds.

I've learned not to alter pals if we accept that friends change.

Observation is a skill that allows us to observe the world in new ways.

I've learnt that there are numerous paths to love.

I've discovered that being honest with oneself gets you further in life.

I've learnt that strangers may change your life in a matter of hours.

I've learnt that even when you believe you can't give anymore, you may find the strength to aid a friend.

Writing, like talking, can help ease emotional discomfort.

I've learnt that our current worldview is not the only option.

I've learnt that credentials don't make you a decent person.

I've learnt that the ones you love are stolen from you far too quickly.

I've learnt that while the word "love" has numerous connotations, overuse diminishes its worth.

I've learnt that it's difficult to balance being kind and not offending others with sticking up for your beliefs.

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Topics: Learn, Mind, Freewrite, Myself, Life story, ...