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When you climb a mountain, it gets colder and colder.

This is a more pertinent query, in my opinion. The simple answer is provided here.

A mountain's summit will be colder than its base because of lower pressure at higher elevations. " The pressure lowers as the air rises. At higher elevations, the decreased pressure makes the air less dense, which results in colder temperatures.

Nearly all of Baguio City is above sea level, with a height ranging from 950 to 1650 meters. Baguio City is 10 degrees cooler than La Union, which is a low-lying province about 1.5 hours west of Baguio City. This is because the temperature drops 6.5 degrees centigrade per 1,000 meters, which is why the temperature drops 10 degrees.

Beautiful Baguio is a great place to visit. Even though it's one of the Philippines' coldest and wettest regions, it's still quite warm by American standards. So far, I've only needed a jacket twice in the two years since I moved here from Kansas (where subzero winters are common), so expect to sweat even when locals are buttoned up in their warmest winter clothing unless you are from the deep American south.

There's a saying among the locals that Baguio is known for its frigid weather, but its people have warm hearts. The part about the frigid temperature is debatable, but the bit about the warm hearts is unquestionable. Overall, the Philippines is kind, but Baguio hugs you from the moment you arrive and won't let go. Here, I've met people I'd like to keep in touch with indefinitely. Every type of creative person can be found here, from young kids who are digitally savvy to college professors, film makers, and singers and artists. There are many colleges and universities in the city of Baguio. As far as I can tell, the cowboy style is a huge part of our culture. There may be some rambling here, since my pain medicines have just kicked in.

Friendliness is exemplified by a group of young freelance web developers who asked me to stay with them while they figured out how to get me about town while I was having problems with my previous accommodations. Then, during a super hurricane, they literally carried me to the doctor and hospital so I could be treated.

If you're a tourist from the United States, the Megatower apartment complex is a good spot to start. It is located in the heart of the city, near to everything you may want or need (including the local mall).

On the other hand, even if I adore this place, there are drawbacks. Infrastructure, or lack thereof, is the first issue. For those without a water heater (but who can't use a shower heater for under $200), you'll have to get used to boiling or purifying your water, or buy it in 5-gallon jugs if you don't have access to a water storage facility. (For a five-gallon jug, we pay about 60 cents plus a two-dollar deposit.)

Electricity is generally dependable, but expect outages about once a month. Additionally, there's the Internet. Taxis and jeepers are inexpensive.

Traffic. Hmm. I felt that having driven in NYC would help me adjust to driving in this country. No, it didn't work like that at all. While the air quality is poor, it's not as severe as it is in the capital city of Manila, Philippines.

The parks and the food are excellent. But, uh, most of the pizza here isn't for you. If you want a slice of American pizza, Red Rustiks is your best bet. " If you are used to eating them, donuts and dairy products will taste strange to you.

Now that the painkillers have taken effect, I'll stop. In general, Baguio is a fantastic city.

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