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2 years ago
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The story of your life will ultimately be how you learned to walk with yourself, what you learned you needed to carry, how you came to befriend yourself, even despite all you’ve been through.

It will be how you mended the space between your heart and mind, forgave your shortcomings and became all you were meant to be. It will be how you learned to take care of yourself, even when you thought you didn’t deserve it. It will be how you found your rhythms, your routines, how you found the unique impact you alone could make on the world — or at least, your own little universe.

It was never truly about who would walk with you or approve of you or tell you that you are enough. When your heart is empty, there is no amount of external affirmation that can fill it up. The love story you have spent your life waiting for is the one where you learn to open your soul to yourself, where you become your own hero, your own guide, your own peace.

The love story was always you and you.

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