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In those times of reflection when life's happenings leave you perplexed and utterly speechless, you've reached enlightenment.

A new personality emerges from your old self. Your thoughts are your only companions in those moments when you're sitting in your office cafeteria, sleeping in your bed, or strolling in the park alone.

Even though you're surrounded by other people, you may find yourself yearning for a childhood feeling of contentment. Your eyelids are forced to get moist during the night. In the midst of all your busy-ness, do you ever stop to consider: why am I even bothering?

When you see your loved ones joyful, you're smiling, but you're feeling down because you're contemplating your own mortality. In this state, you are aware that things can improve but are unable to make them so.

When your fist is full of valuable diamonds, but the sand is seeping out of your fingers,

To be clear, despite all of this, it has nothing to do with sadness or an abnormal emotional state of mind. A LIFE ZONE IS ONLY CARVING YOUR SPIRIT, LET IT GO.Let go.

Make a plan for your future... Take some time for yourself... Maintain a firm grasp on your long-term objectives...Be honest with yourself about what's best for you. Don't let negative ideas stop you from putting forth your best effort... Take comfort in knowing that a small voice inside your head is whispering, "I HAVE TO."

My friend, life isn't easy. It's imperative that you maintain your resolve during the struggle. It's much easier to accept things as they are once you realize that we're all dealing with difficulties in our own unique ways.

Don't let these breaths of yours be squandered; enjoy each heartbeat supporting your life and believe, believe that one day these broken bits distributed all over will form YOU as a strong, bold picture.

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