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Learning to keep calm in the amidst of uncertainties

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5 months ago

Allow me to introduce you to life's ultimate weapon: your mind.

Everything is literally relative to your perspective, and there is not a single thing in this world that is entirely negative, so brace yourself, this is going to get wild.

Assume you're in a difficult circumstance. Your ride from work did not arrive, and it's a three-hour walk home. Nobody answers the phone, and everyone else has departed for the day.

You can either panic out, curse, or become upset, or you can begin walking. The sooner you begin walking, the sooner you will arrive at your destination.

As you walk home, the sky opens up and it begins to rain; thunder and lightning accompany the rainfall.

Again, you might be dissatisfied with the fact that you're now saturated and still have a long way to go, or you can savor every moment. You may be thinking to yourself, "Man, this is going to be an insane story to tell."

If your phone dies, you are still approximately 90 minutes from home. It's just you, nature, and a passing car that has no idea this isn't a typical setting for you, so they continue driving, and you're too courteous to cause them any inconvenience, so you let them pass.

By this time, it's dark, you've arrived at your house, and upon entering, you realize someone else is present with your parents or family.

You can go insane, fly off the handle, and no one will hold it against you. Rather than that, you take their garments, fling them out into the rain, and then grab both of them and discard them. Close the door and remove your boots, grab a beer and head to the television to watch your favorite repeat.

As the opening credits begin to play, you take a drink of your beer and exhale a much-needed sigh. Then you smile and say, "What a day. And to believe that it is only Saturday. "

Life is what you make of it, and so is every situation you will ever encounter. Simply remember that life is for living and that if you can turn a situation around in any way, do so.

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If you lack clarity and are continually overloaded, it's time to calm down. Without slowing down, identifying what is obstructing your clarity would be quite tough. Only by recognizing the issues can they be resolved.

Pictures included are not mine, ctto.Thankyou for reading,leave a comment.Have a nice day ahead.

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Written by   22
5 months ago
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