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Each time, I fantasize about traveling to India, but to various locations.

I have visited the majority of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. I've visited Maharashtra but just visited a few cities. I wish to return to India repeatedly because I enjoy the food and the photographic opportunities. India's rich culture ensures that you'll never be bored.

I'm not sure how beneficial it is to reside continuously in India (I think it depend on where you live there and your mindset). However, no other destination satisfies me as much as India does as a vegetarian tourist who enjoys photography.

I wouldn't call it a dream destination because I have a lengthy list of locations to visit, but it is definitely on the top of my wishlist. I am accustomed to perusing a variety of travel websites, and on one of those sites, I came across a video made by an anonymous user; the movie immediately captured my heart. However, the video in question made no mention of the location. This was the moment when I activated all of my Google search engines. That would be the "Hotel Villa Honegg" in Ennetbürgen, Switzerland.

The far perspective.

Indeed, that is the most over-hyped thing you have ever heard!!! I am enthralled with the world's historic and systematic landmarks!

The World's Most Ancient and Most Historic Civilization!! Yes, due to political strife, the area is difficult to explore and assimilate!! It is in Pakistan!

This is a dream location!!

Forests and Caves of Sri Lanka

The second item on my list is Sri Lanka's Caves and Jungles. Each region of Sri Lanka has its own unique narrative!!!

The unique destination is brimming with picturesque enthusiastism, making it extremely intriguing.

Outer Space

The third position is a touch cynical, but the fact cannot be concealed. "The Space" is where I've wanted to go since I was a child! Outer Space serves as a reminder of genuine reality! Tranquility is a way of life! It fascinates me to go on an expedition to the distant planets!

Sir Stephen Hawking's book "Black Holes" and the film "Interstellar" transformed my idea into reality!

There are other countries I'd like to visit—most notably those with cultures that are diametrically opposed to mine. That, to me, is an opportunity to learn more about the people and their way of life in their homeland—how we are similar and how we are different. However, regardless of which culture intrigues me "temporarily," I always return to Russia. Soon, those countries and places I will mark my footsteps and have beautiful and unforgettable memories that I will treasure in my life in the future.

I hope you love it and thankyou for reading up to this point. Leave a place on a comment box and see you on my next article.

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1 year ago


there are so many places worth exploring across world. And India, I must say is one of the world ancient civilizations with marvelous sight to behold.

I would like to vision India too someday and especially to Tagmahal. I've read so much about that building and it will be a dream come through seeing it for real.

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1 year ago