How i wish i had 3 lives/revival after death

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People might take more risks if everyone had three lives, but the maximum lifespan remained the same.

If this were to happen, people would be able to better understand why they died the first time around. As a result, fewer people would die as a result of people sharing what led to their death.

It would be a lot easier to conduct dangerous experiments. Emergency surgery surgeons may not be as terrified if they know the patient will survive even if they fail.

Even though stillborn children have two lives, they may be viewed as crippled by society.

When people are brought back to life, there will be a lot more investigation into what causes this.

As a result, fights to the death have become three times more difficult.

In the event that your planet is blown up and there is no place for you to survive, you are likely to perish.

Everyone has a substantially longer life expectancy.

Whether or whether there is life after death is an eternal question.

Life after death cannot be discovered by scientists. Science cannot measure anything other than the accepted physical standards of life after death.

It's not enough to take a cursory look at the human race or the planet's vegetation and animals. Take a closer look at how cells and the body's systems function together.

In order to understand how this all came to be, you must ask yourself: How did the universe begin?

Man cannot create something from nothing, according to scientific evidence. How did the universe begin?

I firmly believe in the existence of a higher power. You can't even begin to comprehend how He created the cosmos or the workings of your own body.

In the absence of evidence, faith is the belief and trust in something. That you know that you know that you know something is genuine. A matter of the heart.

Things happened in my life that I couldn't understand that were right in front of my eyes. It was a mystery to me until I started looking for an answer. After years of searching and studying, I can now see the proof that there is a real, transcendent God.

When I die, I will be with Him forever.

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Topics: God, Self, Life story, Faith, Life, ...