How I fight with Frustration

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The more I practice ignoring my frustrations rather than acting on them, the better I get at dealing with them. I'm gradually discovering that focusing on the negative rather than the good is a better use of my time and energy.

That not everyone will like me or treat me the way I'd like to be treated is becoming more and more accepted in my life.

As a result, you'll feel empty and drained after putting so much effort into winning someone over. When you don't respond to something, it doesn't mean you've accepted it; rather, it shows a willingness to rise above the situation.

That whatever I have learned from this event will be put into practice.

In this instance, the high road is the better choice. I'm aiming for tranquility since that's what I actually need. My body can't take any more stress. Nobody should ever tell me that I'm not good enough.

Contested relationships or friendships based on appearances don't interest me. Sometime the easiest way to express yourself is simply by being silent. Slowly but gradually, I'm coming to the realization that allowing someone else to have control over your emotions is a horrible decision. It doesn't matter what other people do, but you can choose how you respond to the circumstance and whether or not it has an impact on your emotional well-being. A lot about the other person can be learned through this, I'm learning.

Time has taught me that maybe the most effective weapon against those who wish to bring us down is the love and acceptance we have for ourselves. Our friends and family will always be there for us when we need them most.

People won't immediately fall in love with and respect me, and their opinions won't instantly alter, even if I react. There are times when you should just leave things be as they are and let people go instead of attempting to solve the problem, find answers, or explain yourself. To my surprise, I've come to realize that it's better to focus on my own thoughts and feelings rather than on what's going on around me. People who work hard at cultivating their sense of calm and serenity discover that one of the best ways to live a happy, successful life is to not get too worked up over the little things.

I hope you can fight your frustrations too. See you next time.

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