Could I write the saddest lines?

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1 year ago

Tonight, I'll be able to scribble the most heartbreaking lines.

Write, for example, "The night is shattered and the blue stars tremble in the distance."

Even at night, you can hear it singing.

Tonight, I'll be able to scribble the most heartfelt of lines.

Her affection for me was reciprocated by her.

For nights like this, I held her in my arms and kissed her under the night sky as we sat in silence.

Both of us adored each other at times.

You couldn't help but be enamored by her huge, hypnotic blue eyes.

The saddest lines are coming out of me now.

And to think that I'm the only one who's ever known about her... That sinking feeling I get when I think about how much I miss her.

Listening to the vast night, which is much more vast without her.

The poem falls to the soul like dew on a green field.

What does it matter if my love was unable to keep her.

Her absence from my life has left the night in ruins.

This concludes the conversation. Singing can be heard from afar in a park. It's not too far off.

It's hard for me to accept that she's gone from my life.

In my mind, I'm searching for her, as if I wanted to meet her face-to-face.

My heart is searching for her, but she is not with me....

Same night, same trees bleaching.

Since then, we've evolved into different people.

Sure, I no longer adore her, but my goodness, how I used to adore her.

My voice searched for a gust of wind to reach her eardrums and grab her attention.

Another's. One day, she'll be someone else's, too. As with my previous kisses.

There was something in her tone. Bright, glowing skin on her. It was as though she had a single set of eyes.

In spite of my feelings for her, I'm not sure if I love her any more.

Because love is so fleeting, forgetting is so perilous.

Because of evenings like this one, when I held her in my arms, my soul is still not satisfied that she is gone.

But even if it's my final torment, these are the last lyrics I compose for her and the last suffering she inflicts on me.

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