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2 years ago
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These days, being asked "How are you?" and "What's up?" gets a little heavy; but answering them with "I'm fine" and "I'm good" is incomparably heavier.

Honestly, I can't be honest with how I really feel anymore because I know everyone's going through something and I don't want to be a burden to anyone—especially if they only mean me well.

These days, hearing "You're such a strong person!" and "It's fine, you're strong, you can get through that again." doesn't feel like a compliment anymore.

It makes me think that breaking down is never a choice for me because people have never seen me that way—they've always looked at me in a different light. These words make me feel like I can never be weak, because being strong is the only way to go and they'd be disappointed to see me on my knees, breaking.

Having someone beside you is a luxury these days—having someone stay with you through ups and downs, triumphs and failures, and even blunders. Intimacy has become a rare gem that is so hard to get unless someone really decides to stay with you; someone who will finally choose you.

These kinds of days are the hardest; they are the moments when it feels so good to give up. However, maybe you didn't know, but these days are also the days when everyone loves you the most, but you're just blinded by the pain; blinded by the pessimistic thoughts eating you from the inside out.

And I genuinely hope that when you go through these days, you see the light right away and never lose your way.

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