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Women despise women🤼‍♀️

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5 months ago

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Hello everyone. I hope everyone is well. I am also well, so I have come among all. In fact, reading articles is different. The store of knowledge grows among those who read articles all the time. And you can spend the whole day well.

Today I will talk a little about women on both sides. Let's see how much I can write. Let's discuss the main topic directly. let's go ...

In fact, there are two types of women in our society. One is the working housewife by nature and the other is the working woman in the outside world. Two but working women in my eyes. Works indoors and outdoors. But I have seen many outside working women, who say they earn money by working outside, who despise housewives at home. Honestly, I don't like it.

I will mention the wife of my aunt's two sons as an example. One of the two wives works outside to earn a living. Another housewife lives at home. So the outside working woman feels very honored. And he neglected the housewife. And he says he works hard outside. Even if the housewife works at home, it is not hardworking. This shows the difference.

You are an earning woman so you cannot look down on a housewife. It is not necessary that you spend your earnings to buy something for yourself and get heavenly happiness. Everyone should be happy in the same way.

Happiness or stability of the world does not depend on being able to earn or not, respect of women does not depend. Depending on who I am or who I am with, my temperament, my thinking, how they fit in with me or how well I fit in with them. If it were not for that, no earning woman of the world would have lost her family, no housewife would have kept the whole house intoxicated with the clapping of the keys of the world in her heart.

If earning money was the key to a woman's dignity, then no working woman would feel insulted, and no housewife would get the title of Lakshmi or Maa Swaraswati.

It is not true that a housewife is just struggling to survive by suppressing her helplessness, nor is it true that a woman is happy in her family because she is a worker. Many housewives are living happily with their due respect while many working women are spending all their income on the family but getting wet before going to bed.

Your life is as beautiful as your thoughts, that life may not be beautiful for others. You may want to impress others with your thoughts but it never insults or neglects anyone.

No matter how educated, earning, or supportive you are, you will continue to be disrespected as long as you do not know how to respect others, other people's work, thoughts. Of course, there is a class of people among us who find self-respect, aristocracy or arrogance by hurting and insulting others. When you are disrespected by others, you lose the acceptance, then you can be sure that you belong to the same class who disrespect others unnecessarily. No knowledge of the world, no money, no power of wealth honors them. She can be either male or female.

Respect others, be yourself.

The difference between learning and teaching and learning from experience. This is where the Mentor makes the most mistakes when it comes to choice. They choose the mentor after seeing the excellent advertisements, their social lifestyle and public activities. Many of them have very little experience working in the field. However, many consider themselves experienced workers or successful women.

Thanks everyone

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Written by   19
5 months ago
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