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Why do people remember the failures of others, lifelong pegs?

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4 months ago

once you need to burn yourself within the flames of your own failure, to place thereon flame, the will to enjoy the failures of others arises, the tendency to travel through lifelong sting.

Not all, some, some, people do this .


When one doesn't have the power to simply accept one's own failures, when one doesn't have the power to research one's own failures, when one has got to burn oneself within the fire of one's own failure, the will to enjoy the failures of others awakens.

i will be able to not say that it's good or bad, because it's not certain that it's possible to regulate the movement of the mind.

So, those that do that , they're during a state of mind, where the ether's success involves them as threatening.

And to urge obviate this panic, the mind is usually looking forward, to listen to the failure of others, to see, to sting,

By doing this, to urge peace.

#If failure is that the key to success in life, why do people fear failure?

there's a failure behind every success. Every successful person has failed a minimum of once. even as the importance of sunshine can't be realized without darkness, therefore the joy of success can't be enjoyed without failure. Bertha teaches us tons about our lives. So we expect twice before making an equivalent mistake again.

But failure isn't always the explanation for success. In some areas of life we fail in such how that we've no choice. most of the people have little or no self-confidence. So those people are afraid to travel ahead on the trail of success for fear of failure.

But to achieve success in life, you've got to require a touch risk. If you would like to urge something, you've got to sacrifice something.

#Once you lose to yourself, are you able to accept your defeat?

are you able to give yourself the courage to maneuver forward again? Every now then we all need to face some or the opposite negative situation.

If you'll build your life during a positive way, then all the issues can always be easily addressed . Staying positive is one among the ways to stay an honest mind.

Sometimes we lose our self-confidence once we hear about friends. I lost my temper once I started something new. the foremost important thing at this point is to remain positive.

Two words said by others - one word causes you to feel inferior to yourself.

Gradually we discover ourselves frustrated. In such a situation, people wish to hear positive things from close people or friends. there's nothing wrong with eager to be praised by people on the brink of you. it's a characteristic of the human mind. But sometimes we get into a situation where if you send a message to someone a few distant message, then if you send a message to someone a few distant message, the reply doesn't match.

Criticism isn't always a replacement feature of citizenry . Whether your work is sweet or bad, they're going to always criticize you.

A prominent person said; "If you are doing good, people will criticize you.


So plow ahead on the trail of success without worrying of failure. believe in yourself. And take care to not fail once and for all, that your life may end.

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Written by   19
4 months ago
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people easily remember the mistake that is made by one people, but not remembered the good deeds that they do.

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4 months ago

The law of nature is this, no matter how well you do, no one remembers. That's not a little bad or 19,20. Then everyone will listen to you for the rest of your life. That is the reality.

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3 months ago