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Spend quality time with your child every day.

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4 months ago

It is a kind of peace to spend time with the child in the midst of busyness

Try to enjoy every moment.

But by taking this one picture, mother and daughter express their love for each other

#Turn off the mobile, turn off the computer and tell your child once, for the next twenty minutes we will just talk. What will the two of us do now? Let him fix it. There is no end to the frustrations of children around the world, but for this twenty minutes let him dominate and let him win. Silent laughter removes bitterness, hatred and unrest. So reassure him through innocent play and laughter.

Raising children is hundreds of thousands of times harder than having children. To enlarge Raising children is a responsibility. Moral responsibility. Religious responsibilities. State responsibility. As I have seen, many fathers do not have this sense of responsibility.

With the birth of a child they think their responsibilities are over! Many fathers are free from liability only with maintenance money. Doesn't give the child time. Spending time with the child (if the opportunity arises) plays a big role in the child's emotional development.

If you hope that by giving birth to a child, the child will be like you, like the desire hidden in your mind - then you have made a mistake.

Your child is a different person. He has been created separately. Not everything will be what you want it to be.

Before becoming a parent, be a father. Then give birth to a child. Try to be a father, not just a father's identity with the birth of a child.

Being the father of a righteous person is a very simple task. A lot of hard work. A lot of patience and sense of responsibility. A lot of sacrifice. Daily practice and learning work.

No one becomes a good father in one day.

A little affection, a little love, a little time

Spending time with your child boosts their brain development and helps them grow mentally.

There is no substitute for giving your child time to build a cordial relationship. Toys that can be played by multiple family members can be a great way to spend time with the baby. When buying baby toys, choose toys that can be played by at least two people.

It also wants to be a stationery that increases the child's interest in work.


Play pillow fights, wrestle, and lie downside by side. Let him run around, shout, do his favorite things. Cherish all his feelings. Give him your hundred percent. When children find out, they will have a special time each day to play with their parents, which will help them to control their emotions, build their confidence and control their behavior.

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Written by   19
4 months ago
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Time went by very fast, so being a child is only once spending time with them is a must because we cannot do it the same when they grow up haha.. sometimes they are ashamed when you call them baby haha..

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4 months ago

Time is really important..And spending time in your children is the most precious moment for them. They need attention and it's better to get it from us parents.

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4 months ago

Because the more time you give to children, the more children will understand the value of life. Parents will understand. Respect for parents will come.

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4 months ago