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LunarCrush cryptocurrencies my update token.

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5 months ago

Hello hello hello everybody!

How are u all.I hope all great😊

We all know about LunarCursh cryptocurrencics. LunarCrush launched the Cryptocurrencies Earnings side four months ago. At first when everyone gave an idea about this side, I didn't think it was important. About a month later, my friend called me and said that he had sold the LunarCrush token and that he had received the money. Then my eyes opened. I've had misconceptions about LunarCrush tokens before. I opened the id knowing about detailed LunarCrush from google.

I create 12-31-2021 LunarCrush ID. The bright token of the future is a Lunarcrush currencies. Many users sold LunarCrush tokens without realizing it. The growing user did not sell the token. He knows that these currencies will skyrocket in the future. The first 1 token LunarCrush market pricing was 12$ The market value of 35 tokens was 420$. Now 4 months later the market value of 35 lunar tokens is 17.88273 $ .

The market value of tokens has dropped with the advent of the LunarCrush cryptocurrency update. As new updates come in, the core growth slows down. At one time Lunar earned 2 tokens per day. As the days go by, it is getting difficult to earn lunar in the update. Even two months ago, the price of every 35 lunar token was 200$. But now it is not happening.

I think the market value of cryptocurrency bitcoin is now at a low point which has affected all cryptocurrency tokens. If we search on Google, 6 months before today BTC, BCH market price was very high. Which has now entered the market at a very low level. Hopefully in the future the BTC market price will again be around, 55,000$ to, 60,000$ then all the token prices will increase quickly.

And if we talk about LunarCrush cryptocurrency, it will go up a lot in the next 2 years.We have to hold the Lunar Token.This is announced by LunarCrush from their own ID.Then it will be seen that the price of 35 token lunar has become 1500$.

You will understand more details when you use LunarCrush. LunarCrush has given them all the details in their own ID and will show the details when you first enter the app.

Lunar Crush The new update that came out a few days ago has tilted everyone's brain. I didn't like the new update. All the rules and regulations are random. LunarCrush is now 5 Steps by split. Which is currently very difficult for users to collect points. Update says, profile strength needs to be increased. Through 5 steps.




3. Enthusiast

4. pro &5.Master.

You can see the details of 5 steps in this picture below


5 Steps

I'm still in the Noobie place, but my place was supposed to be Master.I was a master, but due to updating profile strength, it has become noobie again. Before me the daily income was 2 token lunar. But now I have 1 token lunar income in two days. Earlier there was 2 lunar points per day reward 400 points. Then the rules of income have changed, such as - 1. Daily active user 5 points 2. Time on site - 20 points 3.Opinions Level 2 - 10 points. And my point bonus was muftiplier and 3.8x which is now 1.8x much less.

See this picture👇

Which is a real disappointment to me. I now have to collect a total of 35 points activity, 63 points per day. At 6 o'clock in the morning, I convert 63 points from the lunar side and give me 0.5041 or 0.5117 lunar token point reward. And one lunar token at 0.10,000 points.

If you are level 2 in LunarCrush. Then every week, LunarCrush will give you a weekly bonus every Sunday. I used to get 3 lunar per week but now I get 2 and 1 lunar per week.

My level is 2 now. When I first collect the 35 lunar token, I claim it and collect it directly into the zilpay wallet.So that I can have level 2.Otherwise I have to go to Level 1 again first. And will give less amount of points. I currently hold 62.559 lunar tokens in my zil pay wallet. And the Lunar app has 2.579 tokens. There are a total of 75 lunar tokens. And if there are 35 lunar tokens, after a few days I can go to level 3. I will hold this token for the next 2 years. Because in the future the value of the lunar token will go up a lot. The picture below shows my zil pay token 62 token lunar in the wallet. I have connected zil wallet with lunar wallet so that my lunar token is protected.👇👇

My zilpay wallet,62 Lunar token.

I did my last attempt. I have connected zil wallet, coinbase wallet, twitter, discord, email, user name, ethereum wallet to strengthen lunar profile. However, they did not give me master. I don't know give when. The picture below shows all my connections.

I have shared a video link below on how to strengthen LunarCrush profile and how to connect all wallets.👉👇

In the latest Lunar Crush, I prefer this news side. Because all the cryptocurrency tokens in the world, I read the latest updates on this Lunar Crush. This seems like a wonderful thing to me.

Hope everybody understands. About Lunar Update Token. All will be well. Now it's time for me to watch the movie🥴. I will watch the movie now. So good night everyone😴

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Written by   19
5 months ago
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