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I am a woman, independent in my power.

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5 months ago
Topics: Happywomensday

I'm a woman, I can do everything.

Women's health and awakening."

Let women overcome hundreds of social and family walls and come forward with their own studies and conduct.

The part of women is essential in the life of every human being.

Love, maya, mamata, tone- immolation, giving up all one's happiness and thinking of the happiness of all the family members is the name of the woman. Let all women understand their rights.

In fact, to tell the verity, he himself can't understand how strong he is! How important power.

What's a woman? The most neglected women in our country. Women suppose that moment I'm educated or not well educated so I've to give equal rights to men. Where God Himself has not given equal rights, our stopgap and desire is wrong. In fact, there's a difference between rights and honor. Everyone deserves respect. Still, the Creator Himself has given women an honorable place. That's why they've given further strength of understanding and further strength of tolerance.

Among the numerous days in the world, a day has also been made for women, indeed if there's a proper evaluation of women in the society. Women aren't just the objects of evil eye, of enjoyment, of neglect. In due course of time, confidence, evaluation, women respect everyone in every case. He doesn't want anything precious in return for his immolation, he only wants respect, honor because a woman is a Mao.

The desire to hear to thousands. Tolerance to understand everything. To come a man's strength at the wrong time. To endure all rigors face to face. Subject putatively small but essential rates enhance a woman's beauty, making her a tone-conscious woman.

We each maintain a little bit of respect and honor towards each other from our own condition, so that we won't be small but our own respect and honor will increase, love is bottomless.

Girls do not have to ask their age because they do not live for themselves."

Ever I read this incredibly beautiful line one day. I like it.

The society I came from is a reflection of 90% of our society. And there I didn't see, there I saw how they're living on their pursuits and pleasures. They're enduring a thousand words while drinking from lime. They're putting food on other people's plates with hunger in their tummies.

You get worried when you go out of the house, do not you? But you see how an eighteen time old girl is strangely leaving her family in the coming springs of life and conforming to another family!!

As soon as the magazine opens, Eve teasing, rape, gang rape, child rape, self-murder due to dowry!! The question comes to mind, are our girls so insecure canoe to us moment? Are we making the world a captivity canoe for the girls who showed us the light of the world?

March 8 is International Women's Day. And the grandiloquent color is hidden with this special day. Still, there are numerous unknown reasons behind why the color purple was chosen as the symbol of Women's Day.

Purple has taken place as the theme color of Women's Day since 2018. That time, the transnational association Panton declared grandiloquent as the color of Women's Day. This purple refers to the sun's ultraviolet shafts. And women will be just as strong in ultraviolet light.

Panton explains why purple is the color of Women's Day. Grandiloquent refers to far- observed thinking, and grandiloquent refers to the color of the future.


Happy International Women's Day #happywomensday

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Written by   19
5 months ago
Topics: Happywomensday
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Happy womens day🥰 Empowering women is powerful.

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5 months ago

It is a reality that currently in society women have known how to earn their place. They have overcome every obstacle that has come their way with their heads held high and you also show that they can handle everything they set out to do by carrying out different activities. Greetings!

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5 months ago

In fact, if I talk about 20 years ago today, then this place was not. Today in 2022 women hold their own instability in half the world.

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5 months ago