Type of Self-Defense When There is a Problem

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Have you ever seen or experienced an inappropriate overreaction when experiencing a problem?

For example, being indifferent, attacking back or exaggerating the problem in a public place?

If this reaction is not in our character, we will certainly be shocked, but judgment or antipathy is not the solution. It's good for us to understand the ins and outs of this type of self-defense

Because it is possible, that we will deal with types like this. Trying to explore the characteristics of them, will broaden the view and increase tolerance. Our lives will be much calmer, than when we didn't have this knowledge at all.

Here are the types of self-defense that you might find around :

  • Denial (Denying Reality)

People who like to deny reality will have a heavy mental burden. He is also used to denying or running away from problems.

This choice will certainly give him a temporary calm effect, but will cause big problems later on. Not infrequently negative effects will have an impact on the surroundings.

If you find people like this, of course to interact with them is not easy. Because these types will be difficult to control. Let alone to be honest with others, be honest with yourself they can't afford.

So it's not your responsibility to correct their mistakes. It's best to just focus on your mental health and ignore it. Because only a professional can handle it, if he allows it.

So, basically, don't help people who don't want to be helped.

  • Repression (Suppressing Memory or Memories)

These defenses tend to suppress memories, feelings, or traumatic experiences. They try to forget and pretend it doesn't exist. But it turns out that anxiety and nightmares become their routine experience.

The long-term effects of this behavior are not knowing yourself, not being sensitive to other people's situations, losing motivation, and not having a clear direction in life.

Again I have to say that, people like this can be cured if they are willing to put in the effort.

So, a simple way that we can try for them is, by being a pleasant conversation partner, good listener, and channeling high empathy.

Another way you can do is to enlighten them on how to reflect their feelings on certain media, such as paper or audio recordings.

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  • Displacement (Vent to Another Object)

This type usually likes to pour out his anger on certain people or objects. Their emotions are out of control and channel them in inappropriate ways.

This method is certainly not wise, because other people who do not know anything become the target of our anger.

In addition, the brother of the problem remains in the mind, which one day may rise to the surface because there is an incident that accidentally brings memories to the past.

Well guys, of course we have to deal with disturbing feelings, not deny them. Because the problem will never be solved, as long as it is not solved.

  • Projection (Reverse Mindset)

In this segment, the people tend to twist the facts, act as victims, blame the situation and are busy pointing out other people as the source of the problem.

So, it seems selfish huh?

Can you be friends with people like this?

Do you think people like this need to be addressed, or shunned?

Guys, we can never control other people. That character is a product of his lifelong experiences, and of course his current choices. So instead of bothering to focus on other people, it's better to collect the intention to fix yourself.

Take it easy if our character is good, destiny will automatically lead us to good people too. So indeed, who you are is determined by the 5 closest people to you.

Let's be picky about relationships, positive circles are created and don't just happen.

So, are you ready to transform?

I hope yes, because I keep learning to be better day by day.

Ok guys, that's all for today's article. See you tomorrow.

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Published : 2022 may 14
Author    : Ainsley

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1 year ago


I encounter more and more people who play the victim when they said or did something that is not good. Really toxic.

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1 year ago

Thanks dear my dear friend for posting a motivated post. Its really useful for me and i hope for others also.

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1 year ago

Wow! A big thumbs up my dear. I am so glad I bumped in to someone's article and saw your name. You are amazing! The article feels so good in me. I've learned something! Thank you so much.

I am so proud of you --you've just started here while it took time for me before I publish my article yesterday. By the way, I am @AnnaMarie24 on noisecash. Do you remember me? hehe.

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1 year ago

Oh hi sis😱 thank u so much for ur kind words🙈 Nd of course i remember u🙈how can im not?🙈💜

Im really happy to see u here.. I think lately u were busy with ur work, because u rarely upload at noise🥺💜

Thank u for remembering nd greeting me here sis🙈💜

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1 year ago

I just thought you forget me. haha

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1 year ago