Six Types of Lazy and How to Overcome Them

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In life, sometimes there are phases where we don't want to do anything. By nature, he wants to relax and has absolutely no motivation. Enthusiasm is also lacking, sometimes it even has no direction.

Lazy here can certainly be described in many ways, but we will discuss six types in general in this article.

You want to know what the types are guys? Go on, come on!

  • Confusion (Feeling Confused)

In this type we usually keep the same two options. The taste was all so good that we didn't know which one to choose.

Or in other cases you will feel that all choices are bad so you don't do anything.

You are busy weighing the good and the bad in confusion. In the end, procrastination is the right choice for you.

And in this way, it is clear that the result will not be there, achievement is born of courageous action.

To overcome this, try to make a simple list of all the feelings, thoughts, fears, consequences and achievement bonuses when you take an action.

Don't forget, stay consistent in the decisions you choose, and focus on the process. In the end the material or other people's appreciation is a bonus.

  • Neurotic Fear (Feeling Anxious)

In this phase you are worried about many things. Such as events in the past, future predictions, the results of the process you are going through, or the assumptions of other people.

In the end this situation makes you lazy to move. You are fixated on endless thoughts.

So to overcome this, try to remain silent in silence. Relax the body and make the mind still.

Believe in yourself that the circumstances and the reality of life are not as extreme as you imagine.

Just remember, all problems will be solved if we find a way out and not all thoughts have to be believed. Because in reality, bad thoughts are formed from past experiences. So it's not necessarily the case.

  • Fixed Mindset (Have Bad Thoughts)

These types of people usually have a wild mind. He had a series of bad thoughts. Either in yourself, certain situations, or other people. They also belong to the type of people who are pessimistic. This form of mindset will not make us move forward and certainly makes us lazy to move because we are wrapped in these fears.

So the solution, identify the field you want to live in. Good or bad, advantages and disadvantages, strengths or weaknesses. Also measure how big your capacity is.

Evaluating situations and conditions like this needs to be done, so that you know, what kind of steps will bring us closer to the results on target.

So, again I want to say, control your mind and focus on your goals and love the process. That's all. Our job is only to enjoy the present moment so that we can continue to live a stable life

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  • Lethargy (Feeling Lethargic)

The lethargy discussed at this point is, of course, physically sluggish. So, I don't need to describe it in detail, because you already know what I mean.

And to overcome this lethargy, try to adopt a healthy lifestyle, such as getting enough rest, eating regularly, exercising and drinking lots of water.

Lethargy can also be caused by an unbalanced nutritional intake. So make sure your food composition is rich in nutritional sources. In a sense, fat, protein, fiber, minerals and carbohydrates, are in accordance with your body's needs.

  • Regret (Fisappointed with the Situation)

In this life there are things that we cannot avoid. Sometimes even when we have made excessive efforts, the results are not as expected.

And not a few people who blame themselves or others. This situation is only temporary, it's okay, it's dangerous if our mindset is not there and keeps blaming the situation.

This of course makes us not want to do anything, and thus it is certain that there will never be any achievement.

And to overcome this, we need to revisit the annoying thing. With a broader perspective, help from a third person who is a wise character, or you can also ask a psychologist for help to help with your problems.

  • Identity (Identity Trap)

Usually our identity is interpreted by the opinion of others. We are good or bad according to the assumptions of others. And we don't have our own label.

If that assumption has a bad connotation, it will make us insecure and tend to be pessimistic. Ended up doing nothing.

On the other hand, assumptions from around us that are too high, make us arrogant and reluctant to move.

Lazy to move, because worried that such a good label could change, if it turns out that we are not of that quality.

Of course this is very detrimental, because we are not always on top. Sometimes we fall and have to start all over again. And we will stay in place if the conditions are like this.

So to overcome this, change the mindset! that you are you, not what they say. It's good to really know yourself so as not to be contaminated by other people's assumptions.

Well guys, those are the 6 types of lazy and how to overcome them. Hope it's useful

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Published : 2022 may 13
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1 year ago


Laziness causes a person to be unproductive. No matter what causes a person's laziness , awareness and realization of handling the cause of it, must be overcome for their future sake.

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1 year ago

Yeah.. Nd every people who feel that need to give their best effort to out from that situation🙂

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1 year ago

May we avoid being lazy, because actually in this world there are no stupid people but lazy people . 🙈

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1 year ago

Hihi u right om.. Theres no stupid people.. Just.. We r lazy or not🙈

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1 year ago