Someone is downvoting my articles.

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2 years ago

Who ever you are, please stop it. Why are you doing this to a person who done nothing with you. You don't know how grateful I am with who made a living for my family this pandemic cause my parents don't have work and they're old. Have mercy. 😭😭

I am even happy even if I got $3 or $4 a day just for food and other needs for my parents.

If you're rich enough, you will not do this to other person. You don't know how we struggle a lot during this pandemic. If you only knew, how I am grateful for this platform for our daily needs.

If you're a human, you won't do this to me or other people who's doing there best just to earn even a single penny for a day because of haedships in life.

So, please stop. If you still have parents, think of them cause I also have parents need to help.

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Di talaga yan sila mawawala. sana nga nakikita kung sio e para may idea

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2 years ago