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Buhay Kuryente

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1 week ago

"Tik tilaok", a rooster chirping in the morning serves as a sign to wake up, Peter.

Oh my God, it's already in the morning. I need to get up and take a bath so that I won't be late. While preparing for his work, there's so many things mingle in his mind like what are the possible activities his going to do now at work.

Hay naku! I hope today's activity is not so hard unlike yesterday. I felt so really tired. Imagine I need to pull the biggest cable (cable pulling) but even if it is hard, I can do it. He told to himself.

Peter is an electrician hoping that one day he was able to raise the quality of his life through his profession. Diligence and perseverance is served as his investment to overcome difficulties.

He has wife and a father of three children and because of that he is forcing to fit his monthly income to be able to meet the needs for his family.

As walking way to his work, many things enter in his mind like "Oh bayarin na naman pala ng bahay, bill ng kuryente at tubig". Ahhh!! Sakit sa ulo mag isip! "I hope that I can see and get money here to supplement our everyday expenses", talking to himself.

Beep! Beep! Beep! A loud car horning in subsequent cars. "What is that, just daily traffic here at Alabang", as he stares to both drivers arguing.

"ID sir?", the guard asked me. Here's my ID. I must go hurriedly, or else I'm late again.

"Hey, bro, your late again, Engineer is looking for you," Kardo said to me.

Sir, are you looking for me? "Oh, you're late again!! Kindly watch your time or else"?? Engineer told him angrily. "Go with your co-workers, we need to finish cable pulling now because there is a shutdown schedule on Saturday", engineer reminded him.

"Peter, you and engineer had seen each other already"? Kardo asked.

Kardo is a very long time electrician in a company. "Yes bro, engineer told me, it's still cable pulling our work today. And as of now, I'm still in a little bit in pain of what happened yesterday", Peter said. "It's okay bro! Whatever it is, we need to endured it because we have a family to feed. We can do it bro!" Kardo said to cheer me up.

In the middle of the job....

"Bro it's heavy! Give it!" A voice with tired tone said of one of his co-workers.

"Konti na lang! And we are about to finish it," Peter said.

"Oh thank God, I'm so tired!!" Kardo said.

"Be careful, all power rooms already energized," Peter said loudly.

But in a couple of minutes, a frightened thing happened. One cable line hit inside in an energized transformer and suddenly it sparks.

And one worker.....

"Kardo! Are you okay? Please answer me! Where is our engineer?" Peter said. All of us feel nervous and frightened. Then suddenly, one voice said. " Si Kardo nakuryente."

I was in shocked. I heard some voices don't get closer yet to Kardo because maybe there's still an electricity impact surrounded in his place. A minute pass by, Kardo rushed in a hospital.

I, myself was still in shocked. I can't answer the police and guard asking me what happened. Then suddenly, our head engineer came by and he told me to go home and rest.

I got home but still thinking about what happened to Kardo. Is he okay! Is he alive? Those are the questions linger in my mind.

Next morning. When I got in our job site, one of the officials in company told me to follow him. And when we got in the room, he asked about what happened in the incident yesterday. I told him everything.

"Sir Jason, how's Kardo?", I worriedly asked him. "About Kardo, he's not in a good condition", the engineer sadly answered the question.

And because of that, for temporary halted on the project site due to the incident.

Five days had passed, I'm still badly looking a news of about Kardo's condition after the incident but sadly I got nothing

Then suddenly, as I passed by, I met one of the engineers and I asked him. "Sir do you have any news about Kardo"? "Oh my God did you know that he was gone two days ago?" Engineer answered sadly.

I don't know what to feel. I was shocked and in pain of what happened to one of my friends.

This article was based on a true to life story of an electrician, who performing dangerous jobs along with other skilled workers. Sometimes putting himself to risky situation in order to complete task in certain time .

Hoping for your support. Readers to my next articles. See you!!

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Written by   2
1 week ago
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Welcome here, Ahrciel. Looking forward to more articles from you ❤

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Absolutely Ma'am,, I will create more article, by the way... Thank You Ma'am 💓

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