The most hot play to earn games in Philippines

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We will Introduce to our readers here the top games that earning money in the country of the Philippines that located in Southeast part of the biggest continent of Asia. Maybe through this introduction and article you'll learn some hint how to improve your finance or income with the little investment from your own pocket since some of the game we will introduce to you are either you become a

  1. Financer or Manager (can earn about 120% up to 200% of the investment return per month)

you'll Invest a specific amount of money from 300$ up to 1,000$ but can gain a massive ROI (return of investment) every from 14 days or a month time depend on the winning rate of the player you hired from the account you invested to be employed. (its much better if you invest on the higher breed of the character so the winning rates of the team or character will be much better) with this you can require for your player to have a minimum token to earn per day in there account.

this is the most effective way to earn fast and gain big profit but take note this is also the type of the position that was in high risk since the volatility of the price of the token is much faster than your imagination.

2. Scholar or Player (earning your token through your effort in game)

This is those who play for those investor (manager or financer) which grinding for a required token per day and gain a little share from it such as 15-40% of earn token since the financer/manager must have a big shares so they could earn back fast there investment in a little time so it will be effectively gain. being scholar has no much risk on financial but mostly giving some effort and time through the game so they could earn much better. The biggest example is if the financer is the employer then the scholar will be the employee who gonna work for the better production.


AXIE Infinity

AXIE INFINITY is one of the top NFT Games that got famous in our country of the Philippines. It was developed by Vietnamese Company known as SKY MAVIS on March 2018 which is get famous and adopted by Philippines Gamer and investor on the month of September at the year of 2021 due to the aired video of the games in one of the most famous reliable documentary and broadcast news in Philippines om August 22 2021. where it been accidentally promoted.

Development of Axie Infinity commenced in 2017, led by its co-founder and CEO, Nguyen Thanh Trung, alongside Tu Doan, Aleksander Larsen, Jeffrey Zirlin, and Andy Ho.[citation needed] Nguyen had previously spent money on the game CryptoKitties before he began work on his own blockchain-based game, combining elements of CryptoKitties with gameplay from the Pokémon series or Neopets.

In October 2018, the development team released Axie Infinity's first battle system. Development of the real-time card battle system and application commenced in March 2019, and an alpha was released in December 2019.

On 23 March 2022, hackers compromised the Ronin Network, stealing approximately US$620 million in Ether and USDC. The hack currently sits as the largest-ever breach in the cryptocurrency sector by dollar value. A month prior to the incident, the game had become the first NFT series to exceed US$4 billion in sales.

On 8 April 2022, Sky Mavis said it expected it would be able to recover some of the funds, but it would take several years.On 14 April 2022, the FBI issued a statement that the Lazarus Group and APT38, which are North Korean state-sponsored hacker groups, were responsible for the theft.Accordingly, the US Treasury has sanctioned the cryptocurrency address. Some of the cryptocurrency has been laundered through a cryptocurrency tumbler known as "Tornado Cash".

What is the crypto that used in Axie?

Axie had 2 major factor of governance token that used it was the AXS and SLP.

AXS is A Token that used as a holdings stock for the game of axie infinity which is hit an all time high of $164.90 on Nov 06, 2021  from the all time low of $0.123718 on Nov 06, 2020 and as of now had a present price from the writing of this article at $31.44. which is tradeable already on most exchanges of crypto currency and acceptable on most country.

while the SLP is used as reward token which is attracting the client to play the axie infinity. from its  all time low of $0.003127587348 on Jun 20, 2020 it reach the  all time high of $0.399727 on Jul 13, 2021

How to own an account on axie?

How to download the axie apps?

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