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1 month ago

History.. Everyone don't know about history.

The goddess has begun. Don't forget, maybe Bengalis will go to Durga Pujo. Did you know that another Durga of the glory of a Bengali like Goddess Durga was created 42 years ago? Like the goddess, the Bengalis should have been proud of the creation of this Durga But alas! The Bengalis have lost the man who is the father of 'Durga' in the machinations of some demonic, envious, politically powerful people.

Next October 3 is Durga's birthday. Do you know this Durga? Do you know the neglected, tortured, humiliated doctor Subhash Mukherjee? Who was the one who committed suicide to give birth to this Durga?

Three decades ago Teacher Namita Mukherjee returned from school on June 19, 1981. Back home, she saw her husband's body hanging from the ceiling fan! Next to it is a suicide note "Let's end the day tired of waiting for a heart attack".

Dr. Subhash Mukherjee is a doctor, a scientist, an accomplished Bengali. At the same time, Dr. is the first person in our country to work with IVF method to eliminate infertility. Subhash Mukherjee. This Subhash Mukherjee is the creator of the world's second and India's first test tube baby Durga (Kanupriya Agarwal).

Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe created the world's first test tube baby, Louis Brown. Exactly 7 days later, on October 3, Durga was born. Subhash Mukherjee did not have to do less austerities for the creation of Durga. He turned his flat into a laboratory Abandoning private practice altogether, he continued his research, despising money. As a result of his tireless work, India's first test tube baby was born on October 3, 1986.

Do you know what the man got as a reward for this rare achievement?

He got a life of utter neglect and humiliation. Despite calls from Japan to speak at an international scientific conference, the left-wing government of the day did not allow him to go abroad, but instead questioned the veracity of his research. The government formed a five-member inquiry committee. The committee declared at the end of the investigation "Everything that Dr.Mukherjee claims is bogus"!

Yes, the fruits of his long labor were ruined by the state government in one fell swoop. Not only was the research publicized as a lie, but he was also transferred from the NRS, which made headlines a few days ago, to Bankura Medical College so that he would not get the slightest chance of research!

However, due to a heart attack in Bankura, Subhash Mukherjee was brought back to a department in Kolkata Hospital where he had to climb four stairs every day! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Later, in 1971, the then bureaucratic government transferred him to the eye department.

The Left government has not failed in any of the ways in which a man can be made miserable, as far as his research is concerned.

The reason for this oppression?

Dr. Mukherjee's crime was, the media came to know about his research before the then government! His crime was, he did the research with his mind only without flattering the government His crime was that he did not show any undue loyalty to the government.

Shortly afterwards, the first test-tube baby, Harsh, recognized by the Indian government, was born in 1986. Whose creator Dr. TC Anand Kumar.

Later, Dr. When all the notes of Subhash Mukherjee were handed over to him, he saw everything and talked to Durga's parents and confronted the government. A special 12-member committee was formed again and in 2003, Dr. was recognized. Subhash Mukherjee! His research is recognized!

Dr. TC Kumar announces that Harsh Nai Durgai is India's first test tube baby whose creator Dr. Subhash Mukherjee. On her 25th birthday in 2003, Durga publicly stated, "I am not a winner in any sport. I am proud to be a living recognition of the hard work of a young genius."

In the Dictionary of Medical Biography published in 2010, Dr. Ronald Ross and Upendranath Brahmachari from Calcutta have taken place in the list of 1100 groundbreaking discoveries in the field of medicine. Subhash Mukherjee too.

Robert Edwards was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2010 for his contribution to medicine as the creator of the first test tube baby. Maybe the person who deserved this award was Dr. Subhash Mukherjee! Whose Nobel was practically snatched by the then government and some crab-bearing Bengalis.

Original text found on the Internet. I have made some refinements.

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Written by   91
1 month ago
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I like your history so much.. Carry on

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4 weeks ago

Everyone needs to have an idea about history. Because if you want to move forward, you have to know about history. The creation of civilization from history. Every human being should have knowledge about history.

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1 month ago

Nice Article

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1 month ago

Nice article thanks for share

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1 month ago