Smartphone addiction is not less than drug addiction

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It is impossible to be smart today without a smartphone. Why or why not, there are so many advantages in a small device. Clocks, cameras, calculators, that's all. There are thousands of apps. Along with social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Nowadays, if we don't have our own smartphone, we feel uncomfortable. Experts say that many of us are already addicted to smartphones. In this case, children and adolescents are not excluded.

Over-addiction to smartphones:

There are a few simple ways to understand if smartphone use has gone into addiction. If someone is addicted to it, he will spend a lot of time in the day on his smartphone. The attraction of the phone will pound his night's sleep.

Those who are addicted to smartphones cannot remove it even in inappropriate places. For example, a driver. He is driving, but he has turned on his smartphone right in front of his eyes. Or a doctor. Even after entering the operation theater, the phone can't leave Maya. There is no doubt that they are completely addicted to smartphones.

How to get addicted to smartphones:

There has been a lot of research on this in the last few years. Dopamine, a special chemical secreted from our brains, is behind smartphone addiction, scientists say. Whenever something gives us pleasure while using Sadh's phone, this compound is released in our head. Then it persuades us to do that delightful work over and over again. In this condition, if the brain is not able to create reverse pressure, the inevitable result is the intoxication of the smartphone.

Let me give you an example》》

Suppose a man opens his phone and makes a post on Facebook. As soon as he got a like in that post, dopamine was released in his brain. Then that dopamine will drive him to post more and more on Facebook. It will drive you to sit on the screen of the smartphone in the hope of likes, comments, shares. If this continues, some changes will take place in his brain at some point. Then it will be very, very difficult for him to give up the source of the drug temporarily.

Smartphone addiction is not less harmful:

Experts say that if the use of smartphones becomes addictive, the harm is not less than drugs. The inevitable consequences of this addiction:


Health damage,

Physical weakness and


Smartphone addiction can lead to fatigue, loneliness, inattention and many more problems. Children and adolescents can be most affected by phone addiction. Nowadays, many people suspect smartphone radiation as a possible cause of certain types of cancer. According to them, excessive use of smartphones for a long time is not impossible to get some special brain cancer.

Moreover, the danger can occur when the smartphone becomes too-smart. Nowadays, the news of an accident while crossing the road while listening to music on the earphones is always heard. It is not uncommon for people to die while taking selfies in dangerous places. Psychologists also suspect that smartphone addiction is turning people into self-centered creatures isolated from social reality.

The way to get rid of addiction:

Everything in the world has its ups and downs. The same thing applies with smartphones. To avoid intoxication, it is better to use this amazing device with a little caution. There is no harm in kicking the rest of the apps off your phone except the apps you need. In the case of installed apps, it is better to go to settings and reduce notifications, alert sounds and vibrations as much as possible.

But perhaps the most important thing to stay free from smartphone addiction is our self-control. When I use my phone and when I don't, I have to decide the rules myself. A good night's sleep should not be wasted in any way. In a word, you have to control the phone, in no way do you want to control it. No matter how smart the smartphone is, we have to be smarter than that..

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