How It All Started

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2 years ago

When and how did you discover and

This is the common question when you want to invite somebody to join the platform.

But let me share with you how my and journey starts. Lets start with first


Since I was a full time mom, and my partner don't have a stable job, so I was looking for some part time job while at home and facebook is the best way to look for a part time job because there ee series of groups there where they post about part time jobs or earning sites, like this picture I attached

In this group different people are keep posting and sharing what sites or part time jobs that you can try or they share some links for them to earn thru referral options.

What are the free sites/links I got from the earning group?


All you have to do is visit some links and PTC ads to earn satoshi and once you reach 500 satoshi you can withdraw it, and it is really paying, tho you really need so much time before you earn, and as you can see I have current satoshi that not yet withdraw because there is no fund at the moment so I just leave it there for a while


Here all you need to do is just visit the sites and when you reach the minimum amount of .0001 you can withdraw it also and I have tried it many times and yes they are paying too.


This is a free sites also where in you just need to read the news and watch some video to earn some points and it is converted into peso 20000 points is equivalent to 1peso and you can withdraw it also.

I have try many free earning sites but this 3 that I post lasts. But sometimes I find them boring also.

How my journey starts

One time while scrolling the earning group from facebook, I saw someone posted about and it says there all you need to do is just post and you will earn for free, I ask the poser about how and whats is the link because I was interested, but he never replied me. So out of curiosity, I explore it alone, I go to google and type and I create my account, I really don't know what to do, because I just saw posts, so I try to post too after I create my account but no one likes my posts, the I tried opening the name of the posts below my name because I saw that there are likes from her post, and I see that subscribe and profile, so I subscribed him/her and after that I recieved a like and my coinsph alert that I recieved the amount of like this and it gives me a confident that wow it is really paying sites, but at first I'm asking myself why others are earning too much heart/like from thier post, then I saw a group in facebook that they are doing a like to like post to earn, sorry I dont have a photo of it but I have another example, its from TELEGRAM, you just need to join the group and share your link and then they will like it and you do the same with others.

But me, I'm very proud of myself that for 7months of staying here I never did joining those groups for the sake of heart and likes, it was all my effort, yes sometimes I'm asking help but not to heart my post but to rate me, because I was rate spammers before and I have madam MJ and Sir oldschool to guide me what are the good content to post and how to avoid being rate as a spammer, and I am very thankful to this 2 people who guide me and keep answering my questions about how to be a good content creator. And what I am now is I owe it to this 2 generous people who keep motivating me to become a better me, Thank you so much Mam MJ and Sir oldschool and of course Sir Marc and Sir Simon and admin for this big opportunity without them we are all nothing here, and maybe until now Im still looking for free earning sites that will help me to earn while being a full time mom. More blessing to them and to all of us here in

What are benefits I had from

  • The very first benefits of for me is having virtual friends all over the world, while enjoying the platform and at the same time earning.

  • Then second one is I had a chance to ask for financial, spirirual And moral help for my nephew, where in that time in hospitals for series of laboratories

  • And the financial help for my nephew waa sent to me, and Last April I converted an amount of .2 BCH (7000 pesos)this is the money from those who help my nephew who diagnosed with LEUKEMIA and with my earnings too, and 5000 pesos was sent to my sister(my nephews mother) for baby Mikmiks medication and the 2000 was for my babys needs.

After that conversion last april, Im saving all my earnings because of my goal to reach 1BCH this year, but whether I reach or not my goal, still I will convert some of my earnings to pay for my debts amounting to 8000pesos, Im just waiting for the BCH price to pump high, as of now I have .4BCH in my wallet and Im so proud of this earnings, because it will help me alot.

No one knows here that I'm earning even Im just in the corner of our house, and why Im keeping it a secret? Because my partner is not good in terms of money, if he have money, he spend it without thinking of the future, and I can't even ask him to pay my debts from my friend because he dont have a stable job, his earnings is enough for us, so this is my main reason why Im keeping it from him, I know its not good but I have a good intention for keeping it as a secret. This is my how my journey in and I wish, hope and pray that it will lasts long, so

Now lets go with my journey


My journey starts when Mam MJ told me to write an article about my nephew who was diagnosed with LEUKEMIA, and thats the very first article I wrote here, I dont know how to start, I just wrote what I want to tell and attach some documents, here is the very first article I wrote after Mam MJ told me about

I know its not the good article but I just give it a try and I had created another article after my first one. And I stops because I dont feel my articles are good, and after a month I got another one and it had some upvote from rusty, until I had 7 articles for 4months and it sounds funny but yes only 7 articles for 4months and I earned $7 for that, I know for others its just a coin but for me its a huge amount, since I was not active in

But now Im starting to be active here, whether I receive an upvote or not, its ok, all I want is to enjoy my writing skills and learn too little by little. I know its not easy but soon I will learn how it is to be.


I hope you enjoy reading how my journey here started. Being one of the members of and is a big opportunity, so lets not waste this chance, because this is the only platform that is giving some satoshis for free, and all we have to do is enjoy, and while enjoying, lets earn and learn. This is the biggest lesson of the noise cash and read cash. ENJOY WHILE EARNING AND LEARNING AT THE SAME TIME


Just want to extend my thanks to @bmjc98 and @Oldschool they are the people who really help me alot, with regards to posting and writing article, especially @Oldschool who give me some tutorials about blogging, sorry if Im not into it yet,but I was trying my best to prove that the tutorials really help me alot.

Thank you and have a nice day/night to all the readers out there.



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2 years ago


I have a question about I joined noise 6 days ago. I earned 2$+worth bch from there in 5 days. But the server is not tipping me from yesterday. Does this ever happend to you?

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2 years ago

Yes, it happened to all, just wait and post quality contents and it will be back

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2 years ago

Every hardwork we do has its own reward,keep moving and never stop.always think all the difficulties you encounter in the past and make it as your inspiration in the future,goodluck and congratulations God is good all the time

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2 years ago

Thanks sis, nakakalimutan ko lagi check ung spam comment, basta sis go ka na din sa, try mo lng kahit once then ma-iinspired ka na gumawa

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2 years ago

Welcome to Read Cash! Keep on learning, you can do it!

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2 years ago

Thank you for the welcome note, yes i will keep on learning

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2 years ago

You are welcome :)

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2 years ago