A Poem To My Future Lover.

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1 year ago

If I could relive the first day I saw you, then my entire life would be on rewind.

I can't stop time but I know time stopped the first time I saw you.

I remember looking at you and telling myself for the first time that, am in love.

Love doesn't exist in my world but what I felt that day was pure, true and unexplainable.

My heart mistook you for an angel and fell madly for you.

Am scared of you not because you are some monster or demon but because you are an Angel.

I stutter when talking to you because my whole being doesn't want to mess it up.

Seeing you every day means the world to me.

My heart and mind have carved in an imprinted image of you, the way you smile, the way you walk, your eyes, your lips.

I dream about kissing you now and then, your pink lips hmmm, mmm.

Your whole body kicks me off and craves for you.

The Moment I Saw Her.

Seeing you for the first time, I had two options- one either to approach you for the first time and tell you how I felt about you, but then I thought I will look like a creep and one of those street boys, and what I felt for you won't have been real if I did approach you.

The second option- I was to admire, love, cherish and adore everything about you from a distance, never to tell you how I felt about you, never!!. I don't believe in magical moments but the moment I saw you something magical happened.

Thinking About You.

Thinking about you became a daily task, I catch myself having deep conversations with you in my head. And to everyone that speaks to me, I imagine seeing you in them and your voice coming out of their mouth. It sounds crazy but just the thought of you makes my whole day.

Am happy when I think of you.

Am crazy when I sit thinking about you.

I cherish every moment of thought I have about you.

You are not just someone I think of you are the thought itself.

I imagine having long conversations with you but never thought of what to say.

I know is not lust but love, if it were lust I won't have stayed this long being crazy about you.

I want to be your one, want to be the one.

If it were up to me I want to be the only person you see, the only person you feel and think of, but am just human and love is not forced.

Never thought love is beautiful, the feeling alone makes you crazy, and the thought of the person makes you even crazier. I want to tell you how I feel, I imagine myself not stuttering from the beginning of the conversation to the end of it, not telling you something written down or something I read somewhere but what I feel about you and how I want it to be said. Love is free, when you get it enjoy every moment of it.

My Conclusion.

Love is beautiful, and when you think you feel it for someone cherishes, it is because, in this world where evil prevails, the things that are real now are music and real love.

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1 year ago


You can't stop time but for you time stopped when you first saw her. That's a powerful line and I absolutely love it. You did justice to this poetic lines and I must commend you for that. Well done...

I hope to read more of your works. I don't mind being mentioned too. This is satisfying to read.

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1 year ago

Wow! I never dreamt of something like this be so magical. So, when time comes... Which options should you choose? 1 or 2?

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1 year ago

Am not choosing anyone there because love is not in my Dictionary 🤣😂😂😜😜, am going with the second one actually.

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1 year ago

What? You spoke of love in all articles you've written like love coming from your heart is leaking in every way and here you are telling me "love is not in my Dictionary"! wow! Quite an irony that is... Now, I wander! Afraid of unrequited love? hahaha! sorry! But chances are! Don't you think?

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1 year ago