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Computer Career Opportunities

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Given the global trends in technology, it is clear that the computer is used or applied in every field of human endeavor. There is hardly any office where the computer is not being used. The computer industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. The investments in, and the returns from the industry are high. A lot of people earn their living from the computer industry.

These people in the computer industry can be regarded as the 'peopleware'. They are the computer professionals that have computer acquired formal education on the design, operation and maintenance of the computer and in return, are well paid for the jobs they do. These computer professionals include computer engineers, computer managers, system analysts, programmers, computer educators, computer technologist and technicians as well as computer operators.

Computer manager

This position is called other names such as Information Technology manager, Information and data processing manager, or It manager. A computer manager is a highly qualified personnel who may hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or other related fields, like physics, Mathematics, and Business Management, with many years of related training and work experience. They have some responsibilities which includes

  • Providing technical leadership for other computer professionals working under them

  • Determining the requirements of users of computer and or information

  • Directing the activities of staff needs, hiring and training personnel and managing all routine personnel functions in the department.

A computer manager tutoring his students

Systems Analysts

System analysts are highly trained computer scientists with a minimum of a bachelor's degree in Computer Science along with several years of experience in programming and systems development. They are responsible for analysing a proposed system. For instance, computerization of student's results, setting up database for an organization and identification of a set of requirements that the system should meet. They also make sure that any system that is set up runs smoothly.

System analyst at work


Programmers are computer professionals who design, develop and test computer programs. Qualified programmers must have a basic knowledge in programming. Their qualifications many range from a college diploma to a university degree in Computer science with considerable years of related working experience, particularly in the area of programming.

A programmer

Computer Educators

Computer educators are computer teachers. They operate at different levels there are those with basic knowledge on computing, who can teach students in computer schools, where such student spend 3-6 months to acquire knowledge in computer appreciation. They are those with high school certificate or first degree in Computer education.

A computer educator

Computer Engineers/Technologists and Technicians

There are two categories of computer engineers. The distinction is drawn between language design and architectural design. A language design involves the identification of a set of requirements for system designs. Sometimes, this task is added to the work of the system analysts. An architectural design is the work of computer engineers

A computer technician at work

They are concerned with the architectural design of the components of the system, which include the internal structure of the components and how they are interrelated, including their adaptability with software design.

Computer or hardware engineers/technologists are trained personnel in Physics, Electrical Electronics Engineering or Computer Engineering with minimum qualification of bachelor's degree or higher diploma. Computer technicians on the other hands, are more involved with fixing faults in the computer and carrying out installations.

Computer Operators

Computer operators are of two categories:

  • The first category of computer operators are those people who use the computer to do things for themselves or other people. For example, typing of letters or other documents and designing of cards.

These operators need basic operating knowledge, which more often than not, is acquired in computer training schools within three to six months, or acquired on the job after considerable practice and experience.

  • The other type of operators acquired more training and experience. They oversee the operations of computer hardware systems, ensuring that these machines are used efficiently and securely as much as possible. They may work with mainframe computers, minicomputers or networks of personal computers. Their qualifications may range from higher diploma degree in Computer - related areas. Computer operators usually receive on-the- job training in other to become acquainted with the equipment they work with.

Qualities of a good computer professional

  • A good computer professional should have the basic required qualification and knowledge in computer operations.

  • They should have good knowledge of the system's components

  • Since computer technology changes so rapidly, a computer professional must be adaptable and should be willing to learn in order to be able to meet the requirements of changing technology

  • Computer professionals should be able to communicate effectively at work with other professionals within the organisation.

  • They should be able to work independently since they may have little or no direct supervision.

  • They must be a person of integrity, not leaking the secret of the workplace to others or outside the organisation, particularly those secrets that make the organisation

  • To develop competence and encourage integrity in individuals engaged in the practice of the computing profession.

  • To effectively support the computing profession

  • To cooperate with similar professional organisations throughout the world, and to render or reciprocate such services as are beneficial to the association.

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Thankyou for your article. I would however like to point out some minor errors.

First: Programming and engineering together is available as part of various higher education courses without college/university diploma as well.

Second: Your listed mostly random unnecessary trained monkeys sitting in the front of a computer, without doing too much useful. This industry is far wider than this. such as system administrators whose task is to manage the servers, and/or upgrade and maintain the computer farm of a corporation... but nowadays maybe we even can put here newer professions, such as professional content creator managers (such as people who cut and render their own videos to upload it to youtube and analists who help you to build a computer for various reasons).

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1 month ago

Thank you for the corrections.. And for the upvote. The gesture is well appreciated.

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1 month ago